helen roberts DVM

Helen Roberts

Small Animals
Internal Medicine
General Practice


  • BVSc in 2016 from Massey University
  • Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist
"My journey as a small animal veterinarian has allowed me to live my passion every day. Whether it's diagnosing and treating patients or sharing valuable insights with fellow animal enthusiasts, I find joy in every aspect of my profession. The world of veterinary medicine is a continuous learning experience, and I'm excited to contribute to the global community of animal lovers." - Helen Roberts (BVSc).


Helen's journey in veterinary medicine is marked by her dedication to small animal practice and a thirst for diverse experiences. She graduated from Massey University in 2016, embarking on her career at a rural clinic in Canterbury, New Zealand, before venturing to the UK in search of new challenges. Helen's love for animals has always been at the core of her passion, and her dream of working with them has become a fulfilling reality. Beyond her veterinary practice, Helen's adventurous spirit led her to explore exotic locations worldwide while volunteering her time and skills to aid animals in need. Her commitment to education is another facet of her character, and she eagerly contributes her knowledge to platforms like I Love Veterinary, where she informs and inspires passionate animal lovers across the globe.


Since March 2022, her passion for small animal internal medicine has driven her to pursue additional studies in this specialized field. This ongoing commitment to learning underscores her dedication to providing the best possible care to her furry patients

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