Interview with Dr. Rochelle Jensen

Dr. Rochelle Jensen

Theriogenologist (veterinary reproduction) BVSc, MS, ACT
Theriogenology (Veterinary Reproduction)
Client Education
Veterinary Medicine


  • Veterinary degree from James Cook University, obtained in 2012
  • Veterinary course facilitator
"I am a word-loving veterinarian who is passionate about translating scientific literature into compelling and practical content for clinical applications in both veterinary and human medicine. My journey in veterinary medicine has been guided by a profound commitment to animal health and welfare. Through education and empowerment, I strive to help clients become proactive advocates for their pets' well-being and strengthen the beautiful bond between humans and animals." - Rochelle Jensen (Theriogenologist).


Rochelle's professional experience spans a wide range of veterinary disciplines, with a specialized focus on theriogenology, the science of animal reproduction. In her role as a general practitioner at Opelika Animal Hospital in Auburn, Alabama, she leverages her expertise to provide comprehensive care to animals, particularly in the realm of reproduction.


Throughout her career, Rochelle has embraced the role of educator, translating complex scientific concepts into accessible and practical information for both veterinary and human medicine. Her commitment to bridging the gap between research and clinical application is evident in her work. Rochelle's lifelong affinity for animals has been the driving force behind her career. Her passion for veterinary medicine is deeply rooted in her desire to educate and empower clients with the knowledge they need to provide the best preventive healthcare for their beloved pets. She firmly believes in nurturing the human-animal bond, recognizing it as a cornerstone of pet wellness.  

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