10 Unique Valentine’s gifts for Vets, Vet Techs and Vet Students

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Cat-Pulse Tumbler

– Because the love of cats makes our pulse steady!
– Choose among the different colors of these adorable 30 oz vacuum tumblers.
Take your coffee everywhere with you!


Love Is a Four- Legged Word Shirt/Hoodie

– Because we love all animals!
– Choose your shirt style or a unisex hoodie! Select the color you prefer and enjoy premium quality loving apparel!


LOVE Veterinary Medicine Pandora Bracelet and Charm

– Because we can’t get through the day without love!
– Pandora style bracelets and premium quality! You will never want to take it off!
– Made with LOVE in America.


 Large Animal Vet- Cow Pulse Shirt/Hoodie

– Because large animal veterinarians have loads of love to give!
– Choose your preferred color and shirt style, or maybe a hoodie for the cold days on the farm ????


 Pets – Animal Love Beat Mug

– Because coffee with love is the best coffee in the morning!
– Mugs are marvelous gift idea! They will think of you every morning when they drink their coffee ????


 Valentine Cat – Heart Necklace

– Because we want our cats close to our heart!
– Perfect gift idea for cat lovers, premium quality and no regrets! Just like cats! ????


 Dogs – Me + Dogs = Love Shirt/Hoodie

– Because I like dogs more than I like people.
– Premium quality apparel! Choose different colors and t-shirt styles. Get a hoodie, your dog will love it ????


 Vet Tech – I’m a Bearded Vet Tech Just Like a Normal Vet Tech
Except Much Hotter Mug

– Because we love our vet techs and we cannot lie!
– Mugs are perfect gift for coffee loving technicians, let’s make their mornings a bit more enjoyable ????


 Equine Vet- Horse Pulse T-shirt/ Hoodie

– Because horses are gentle souls and we love ‘em!
– Perfect gift idea for an equine veterinarian or equine vet tech! Different colors and t-shirt styles. Warm and loving hoodies.


 Animal Rescue- Unconditional Love
T-shirt/ Hoodie

– Because there is no love greater than the love of a rescued animal!
– The winner design of our Valentine’s Day design contest! Different colors and sizes, just like shelter animals full of unconditional love!


Make sure to check out the rest of our Valentine’s Day collection and gift your beloved veterinary professionals! Spread the LOVE!
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Note: We don’t guarantee delivery on time for Valentine’s day for orders made after 31st January!


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