12 Best Dog Treat Pouches for Training

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The Use of Dog Treat Pouches for Training 

Take a look below for our 12 best dog treat pouches for training! Whenever you take your dog anywhere, treats always follow. Or maybe your dog follows the treats? Whatever way it is, treats are essential for any successful trip – especially if that trip involves training! 

But, as we all know, as much our dog loves treats, we hate the sticky crumble that quickly ends up in our pockets. Especially if that treat crumble becomes covered in dog drool, this is when a dog treat pouch is worth its weight in gold. 

Here’s a space to keep all the goodies without them getting stuck in the pocket of your favorite coat. 

12 Best Dog Treat Pouches for Training

Treat Pouch Sport 

This handy dog treat pouch comes with divided pockets, which means you can easily carry various treats with you whenever you want to take your dog training. It also has multiple clips and loots. 

This makes it easy for you to attach anything you might otherwise need, like a clicker, whistle, or a third useful tool! The dog treat pouch measures 7.5×6.5” and comes in colors black, red and blue, with waterproof and stain-resistant material. 

PET N PET Dog Training Treat Pouch 

This dog treat pouch is perfect for the active dog owner. It is extra durable and convenient for hiking trails, the dog training ground, or a slow stroll around the forest. This treat pouch comes with several storage compartments and adjustable carrying straps so that anyone can wear it. It even comes with a built-in poop bag dispenser! 

The dog treat pouch is 6x3x7.8” and can carry 32-ounces of treats. It is made from durable nylon and will keep any dog essentials secure and dry all day long. 

Mini Treat Pouch 

This lovely dog treat pouch is very similar to the sports pouch mentioned above, but it’s 25% smaller! This makes it the perfect little bag for dog treats for your xs furry friend. It comes with the same handy pockets, including a front storage pocket for your cell phone or anything else you might need, including a whistle! 

The mini treat pouch only measures 6.5×5”, making it perfect for smaller dogs and owners. The material is also stain-resistant and waterproof. 

Kurgo Go Stuff-it Dog Treat Bag 

This dog treat pouch comes with a 4.5-inch wide mouth opening, making it easy always to reach inside quickly and grab a delicious treat. The best part is that the big opening can be securely closed afterward with drawstrings. That way, you can be sure dog treats don’t go flying everywhere whenever you need to bend down – which we all need whenever our dog is jumping around. 

This little bag measures 5.5x3x7.5” and is made from a hex-weave material that means it is machine washable – keeping it clean and healthy for your best friend! 

H&H Pets Treat Training Bag 

Here’s another excellent dog treat pouch with a drawstring closure. This one also comes with extra pockets for easy storage of everything you need. This bag even has a zippered pocket in the front that will keep your wallet, keys, or phone safely stored, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than training your dog. 

This bag measures 5x7x2” and is made of premium nylon and a piece of durable inner fabric to help it withstand anything the weather can throw at it.

ZippyPaws Adventure Dog Treat Bag

In this treat bag, you can store not only treats but also a tennis ball when you’re out and about with your four-legged companion. A belt clip allows you to fasten the dog treat pouch securely to yourself for hands-free carrying. The treat bag is closed at the top with a drawstring to keep everything securely inside. 

This dog treat bag measures 5x4x4”. 

Tuff Mutt Treat Pouch 

This dog treat pouch comes with lots of perks! You can, of course, bring treats in the main compartment, which can be closed with a drawstring. But there’s also a pocket for secure storage of your phone and a set of D-ring holders for keys or a clicker! 

This bag can be carried around your waist with a detachable belt – up to 42 inches -, or you can just throw it over your shoulder. The bag measures 7x5x3” and is made with an inner lining that can be pulled out for easy cleaning and a reinforced top edge. 

US ARMY Dog Treat Bag 

This handy bag is divided into inner pockets, so you can easily keep treats, dog poo bags, and keys separate all the time. The dog treat pouch is closed by a secure bungee cord, so you always avoid spills, and a carabiner lets you clip the bag to your belt or lead. 

Mobile Dog Gear Dog Walking Bag 

This clever dog treat pouch is designed to hold everything you need wherever you go with your dog! It has a large main compartment for treats and a separate pocket for waste bags (with a clever dispenser), and a mesh pocket for a water bottle. It also includes a small flashlight, reflective straps, and a waistband with a belt hook. 

This bag measures 7x6x2” and is made of heavy-duty polyester. Lightweight and easy to clean! 

BeOneBreed Dog Treat Pouch 

With this clever bag, treats are always on hand when you’re training. It comes with a belt clip and a loop for carabiners so that you can attach it to your trousers. It closes with a magnetic button, so the treats are kept securely inside, and nosy noses are kept out. The real special thing with this dog treat pouch is that it is made from vegan leather! 

This bag is 5x3x1” and is made with vegan faux leather and mesh. 

Kong on-The-Go Waist Pack

This dog treat pouch is separate from all the others as it is a multi-functional waist pack designed with lots of storage. It holds a spacious front pocket, large enough for a phone, and a treat-bag insert for all the best treats. It’s easy to adjust around the waist and with secure buckles. 

This spacious dog treat pouch is made of polyester, making it durable and easy to clean! 

Alcott Dog Treat & Ball Bag 

This roomy treat bag is perfect for long walks as it can hold nearly 1.2 pounds of treats! Or maybe some treats and a ball? It has a large pocket and easy-to-close claps, and unique internal clasps that stay closed even when you’re moving around a lot. 

It can also hold your phone, keys, and anything else you might need while still retaining enough treats to last your best friend all day. 

Our Best Pick Amongst the Many Dog Treat Pouches

Choosing a favorite is always tricky, and each dog treat pouch has its benefits, but our favorite today must be the Mobile Dog Gear Dog Walking Bag! 

This heavy-duty bag is easy to bring with you anywhere and can hold anything you may need for all the adventures you and your dog will have. It comes with reflective straps for security, a roll of poop-bags with a pocket for them, and it can even hold a small water bottle. As well as, of course, hold all the treats you may need – while still being easy to clean! What’s not to love?!