5 things vet techs want you to know before euthanasia

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This infographic will show the 5 things vet techs want you to know before euthanasia.
An euthanasia in the veterinary profession is a term that explains a procedure in which an animal is being humanely put to sleep ending his life of pain and suffering. This procedure is used when the patient suffers from an incurable disease and the quality of life is no longer at an adequate level.
Euthanasia is performed strictly by a licensed veterinarian with the help of his team of vet techs, vet nurses, or vet assistants.
Every veterinary professional has a duty to explain this procedure to the pet owner and to put the accents of the importance of humanly ending a life, but to refuse to do one if the owner is asking an euthanasia out of convenience.

On the infographic below, you can see the 5 most important things every vet tech would like you to know before the euthanasia procedure. Let’s not forget that they were preparing your pet for the safe and graceful passage over the rainbow bridge.

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5 things vet techs want you to know before euthanasia, vet techs and pet owners