Dr. Claudia Lister, a veterinarian in Prince Edward Island made a career move when she agreed to do surgery on the smallest patient in her career so far, a 50-gram dwarf hamster with the cutest name Mr. Nibbles. Dr. Claudia Lister works at the New Perth Animal Hospital.

The cute little dwarf hamster was in a need of a surgery because unfortunately, he injured his paw while running on his hamster wheel at home. The injury was so serious that he needed an amputation.

The critical part of the whole surgery was not the amputation but calculating all the medications and of course the anesthesia. Dr. Lister says that she consulted several veterinary journals and colleagues from all over the world.

Needless to say, the surgery went well, and Mr. Nibbles was already nibbling on a treat two minutes after waking up from anesthesia. All the staff at the New Perth Animal Hospital expect for him to make a full recovery and to easily adjust to the tripod life.

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