Tragic sight of a herd of elephants in Sri Lanka. The elephants survive every day by rummaging through a landfill of rotten plastic and other waste. 6 elephants of the herd have already died due to toxemia.

Courtesy of Carters News Agency

Thanks to a drone camera footage, a herd of 15 elephants was caught on film trying to fill their hungry stomach eating garbage in a landfill near a residential area in Deegawapiya. Among the elephants in the herd, there were 3 young ones.

A reporter from Sri Lanka, Wasantha Chandrapala, says that this is a normal everyday sight in Sri Lanka. He says that the garbage is being dumped every night by dwellers from Akaraipattu, and the elephants come every morning from the nearby jungle to search for food.

Elephants are not used to eating plastic and toxic waste. 6 of the elephants have died so far due to ingesting toxins, truly heartbreaking.

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