7 Best Cat Vitamins and Supplements (VET RECOMMENDED)

Do Cat Vitamins and Supplements Really work? 

As a licensed veterinary technician, a lot of owners question the validity of cat vitamins and supplements. However, after working with all of these products, I can firmly say that they help cats in all life stages. Therefore, I have chosen the VetriScience Laboratories-NuCat, Multivitamin formula for Cats as the best overall cat vitamin. 

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Working in the veterinary industry, you are faced with many challenging cases to help treat and cure animals. Unfortunately, many of the diseases cats come down with cannot be cured but can be treated. This is what makes the use of vitamins and supplements so important. 

They are a sprinkle of immune-boosting magic that can differentiate between a cat doing okay and a cat doing well. They are even vital and safe for all life stages and work best when started early. As an LVT, I often explain to cat owners the importance of including supplements and vitamins in their cat’s daily routine. 

When looking for a vitamin or supplement for your cat, you should include a few essential things. You want to make sure they include the proper amino acids, fish oil omegas, are the appropriate size and texture for your cat, and are okay for all/specific lifestyles.  The VetriScience Laboratories-NuCat, Multivitamin formula for cats, checks all of these boxes.

This is why it is rated best overall. It’s the appropriate size for small cat mouths and is also super flavorful, so your cat will enjoy it. It also includes many essential amino acids, such as taurine, to promote a healthy lifestyle for your cat. This supplement also contains selenium which can help boost the immune system. 

Best Use Cases plus hyperlinks to product

ProductBest for Features 
VetriScience Laboratories-NuCat, Multivitamin formula for Cats Cats in all sizes and ages Fish flavored soft chew.

Easy to administer.

It contains a good balance of amino acids, fish oil omegas, and Selenium.

Veterinarian formulated and approved by the veterinary review board.
VetriScience Laboratories – Vetri Lysine Plus, Immune Support Supplement for Cats Cats who have a weakened immune system, have eye issues or upper respiratory issues. Veterinarian formulated.

It may help prevent the replication of the FVR virus.

May help manage signs associated with the Feline Herpes Virus.
Pet Naturals – Daily Multi for Cats, Daily Multivitamin Formula with Taurine, Arginine & BiotinCats in all lifestylesFree of artificial ingredients that may cause gastric upset.

Includes 20 essential vitamins. 

Formulated by veterinarians. 

Great flavor.
VetriScience Laboratories – NuCat Senior MultiVitamin for CatsSenior catsIncludes essential minerals, omega fatty acids, and taurine.

Tasty formulated chew.

Has Lysine to support respiratory health. 
Purina Fortiflora Cat Probiotic Powder SupplementCats in all lifestyles, especially for cats with digestive issues#1 probiotic recommended by veterinarians. 

It helps support kittens or cats with diarrhea.

It helps promote normal intestinal microflora.
Nutramax Laboratories Cosequin Tablet for CatsCats in all lifestyles, especially for cats with joint diseaseIt contains glucosamine, manganese, and sodium chondroitin sulfate, which help promote healthy joints. 

Sprinkle capsules can be given in food.
NaturVet – VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamins For Cats Plus Glucosamine Cats in all lifestylesProvides a broad spectrum of minerals and vitamins. 

It contains glucosamine for extra joint support.

Veterinarian formulated.

Buying Guide – How Do I Choose the Best Cat Vitamins and Minerals?

When faced with choosing the proper vitamin or supplement for your cat, you may be faced with many questions. What brand do I use? What do these ingredients mean? What is this targeted at? It can be extremely overwhelming but, don’t worry, we have got you covered! Read on to discover what we do before buying any vitamin or supplement. 

Reputable Brand

When choosing a cat vitamin or supplement, you want to choose a reputable brand. Reputable brands will be well-reviewed and well used. They will also have excellent customer service, vet clinical testing, and a great reputation. 

There are many brands out there that are pretending to be something they’re not. Not all brands are created equal. In fact, some are downright fake. It’s very important to make sure the brand you choose is one of quality. Sometimes the price is a hint towards its validity. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian. 

Vet Recommended

Your veterinarian is the primary source you should seek when needing information regarding your cat. If they recommended a particular brand, chances are they’ve had a great experience with it and have reviewed the ingredients. They will also be aware if your cat has any issues that need some extra support and will point you in the right direction.  

Health Issues

If your cat has specific health issues, then this should be your primary focus. You want to pick a cat vitamin or supplement that helps aid that ailment. Also, make sure you read the labels for proper distribution and never give a human supplement to your cat!

If your cat has urinary issues, you would want to stay away from fish flavoring as it can sometimes promote the formation of stones. Cats with digestion issues should be given probiotics, and cats with weak immune systems should be offered selenium and other mood-boosting vitamins and minerals. 


The ingredients should be of utmost importance when searching for a cat supplement or vitamin. You want to make sure all the ingredients are healthy and supportive for your cat and have nothing that could harm them. 

If you are looking for joint support, you want to make sure you pick something with glucosamine and chondroitin. Pay attention to the labels for misleading ingredients and false information. When in doubt, consult with your veterinarian and have them read the label for the best analysis. 


Doing your research is your due diligence as a pet owner. The internet can be a source of very useful information, but it can also have a load of fake, misleading information. That being said, it is up to you to make sure the vitamins you pick and test are appropriate for your cat. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian on a particular brand for the best advice. 

Check the Source

When ordering your cat vitamins or minerals online, it’s vital to seek out the source and make sure it’s credible. A lot of online sellers can just be hoarding fake products or using old expired ones to sell. If, when you buy it, you are not 100% sure of the brand, then it’s best to ask a veterinary professional before giving it to your cat.

You also want to beware of bad reviews. A lot of these companies that promote counterfeit products also have fake reviews. These reviews may give you false confidence and trick you into buying them. The danger here is it can actually harm your cat, so make sure to weed out the harmful products from the good ones.

Appropriate Palatability 

Certain cats will eat just about anything. Others, not so much. Having one of each, I know the challenge it can be to give medication, vitamins, or supplements to the picky one. This makes my choice that much harder. The formula the vitamin comes in can be critical when administering to cats.

As we know, cats are pretty clever and do not like to do anything they do not want to. Insert, giving them medication, vitamins, or supplements. They often turn their nose up at it just because it is something they are not used to or do not trust. Therefore, having the appropriate tasting cat supplement or vitamin can be extremely important. 

Cat supplements, vitamins, and minerals come in different forms. They are often given in soft treats, crunchy treats, powder, or capsules. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s the appropriate one for your specific cat. For example, the powder may seem easier to administer, but if your cat does not like it, it can cause food aversion, leading to a whole other boat of issues. 

The proper cat vitamin should be like a novelty or treat for your cat. One that tastes good to them. This way, they want to take it and are less likely to leave it lying around. Unfortunately, that can be dangerous to other cats or animals who should not be taking that specific mineral, vitamin, or supplement. 

Quality Testing 

Any product you are giving your pet should go through rigorous testing prior to being sold. It is up to you to find which products have this seal and go through the proper channels before being put to market. You also want to make sure that the product is formulated by a veterinarian or veterinarian nutritional board.

Avoid Human Medication

Sure, there are some off-label uses for our cats involving human medications. However, we are not cats, so giving them medications based on us is never safe. At least not without consulting your veterinarian. When it comes to minerals, supplements, and vitamins, it is best to avoid ones made for humans.

We as humans can metabolize drugs and can tolerate many things that our cats cannot. So if you try to give them something that is not meant for them, you may hurt them instead of helping them. Also, the dosing will be completely off, and you could potentially overdose them with harmful ingredients. 

A Review of The 7 Best Cat Vitamins And Supplements in 2021

VetriScience Laboratories-NuCat, Multivitamin Formula for Cats

Best Overall 

5 Stars ★★★★★

If you’re looking for a particular multivitamin covering all bases and all lifestyles, this is a great choice. This multivitamin is packed with a long list of ingredients covering skin health, digestive health, cardiovascular health, and the amino acid taurine. 

This vitamin will have your kitty feeling its best, from kittenhood to senior. It is also formulated by veterinarians and approved by their in-house veterinary board. It comes in a fish-flavored chew so that most cats will take it as a treat. However, reviewers have stated that their picky cats approve of the flavor and have seen a difference in their overall behavior.

This multivitamin is over the counter but consult with your veterinarian first in case of any contraindications. 


  • Soft, moist, palatable chew.
  • It contains taurine- an essential amino acid that cats need for overall health.
  • Supports all lifestyles.
  • Great fish flavor.


  • Reviewers have reported it smells strange.

VetriScience Laboratories – Vetri Lysine Plus

Best for Immune Support

5 Stars ★★★★★

Many cats are found outside. Sometimes they come in and never go back out; sometimes, they still go in and out. Regardless, many of these cats come with viruses they picked up outside. Some of these viruses are chronic and appear when your cat is stressed or has a weakened immune system.  

The Vetri Lysine Plus vitamin is a great supplement to give to cats who fall into this category. Safe for all ages, the lysine in this vitamin can help manage signs associated with certain respiratory diseases, such as Feline Herpes Virus. The clinical signs include discharge from the eyes or nose, coughing, and congestion. 

Reviewers have stated it helps keep their cats healthy when faced with stressful environments or exposed to another sick cat. This multivitamin is over the counter but consult with your veterinarian first in case of any contraindications. 


  • It contains Lysine, an amino acid that promotes antibody, hormone, and enzyme production. 
  • Veterinary recommended.


  • Flavorless.

Pet Naturals – Daily Multi for Cats

Best Daily Vitamin for Cats

4 Stars ★★★★

Pet naturals are a great choice if you’re looking for more holistic ingredients. It contains no wheat, corn, or artificial ingredients. If you have cats who are particularly allergic to these ingredients or get an upset digestive system when exposed to them, this is a great choice. This vitamin contains fish oil which is excellent for skin and hair health, and of course taurine.

This chew is also a great addition to meals and helps bridge the gap between meals, so your cat is satisfied. It also comes in a chicken liver chew that cats love. Reviewers have reported that many of their cats love the flavor, even the picky ones. 

This multivitamin is over the counter but make sure to consult with your veterinarian first in case of any contraindications. 


  • Great flavor with high palatability.
  • All-natural.


  • Reviewers have reported the vitamins are hard, which can be a choking hazard.

VetriScience Laboratories – NuCat Senior MultiVitamin for Cats

Best for Senior Cats

4 Stars ★★★★

As your cats age, their nutritional requirements change, and so does their overall metabolic function. Using a vitamin that is aimed towards senior or older cats is a great way to help them age gracefully. It will help give them back anything they are insufficient in. This vitamin is a great choice for your senior cat. 

This multivitamin contains vitamins A, C, E, fish oil, amino acids including selenium and taurine, and Vitamin B8, which helps with cardiovascular health and cognitive function. This vitamin is veterinary formulated and manufactured in the USA. It also comes in a delicious fish flavor that your senior cat will be sure to love. Reviewers reported that their cats love these treats. 

This multivitamin is over the counter but make sure to consult with your veterinarian first in case of any contraindications. 


  • It supports all lifestyles but is especially helpful for senior cats.
  • Promotes healthy skin, cognitive function, immune system, and cardiovascular health.


  • Large pieces may be difficult for cats with dental issues.
  • Hard pieces may make chewing difficult and could be potential choking hazards.

Purina Fortiflora Cat Probiotic Powder Supplement

Best for Digestion

5 Stars ★★★★★

Your cat’s digestive system is a significant part of its overall health. When cats have a sluggish digestive system, they may start to defecate less and begin to feel sick. Helping your cat replace the microflora needed for healthy digestion is a great way to combat this. 

Fortiflora by Purina is one of those powder supplements that will make their digestion health a priority and have your cat’s gut smiling. This tasty powder is easily given by sprinkling into their wet food (or moistened dry food), which will have your cats thinking you just added some extra seasoning. 

It is also the number 1 probiotic recommended by veterinarians, and reviewers have reported healthy weight gain and digestive regularity.  This product can be given to kittens, senior pets, and all ages in between. 

It contains animal digest for high palatability. Enterococcus faecium SF68 is a microorganism commonly found in the guts of animals and is recognized for its probiotic perks and Vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system. Your cat does not have to have digestive issues to take this; they can take it regardless. 

This multivitamin is over the counter but make sure to consult with your veterinarian first in case of any contraindications. 


  • It contains many ingredients to help aid in immune function and digestion.
  • Easily administered.
  • Great flavor that cats love.


  • Many counterfeit products out there.
  • Only contains one probiotic. 

Nutramax Laboratories Cosequin Tablet for Cats

Best for Joint Support

4 Stars ★★★★

Throughout your cat’s life, they are constantly running, chasing, and jumping. It’s no secret that their joints play a crucial part in their overall health. That’s why maintaining proper joint health is super important. A Vitamin such as Cosequin for Cats is a great choice when focusing on joint health. 

This capsule can be used for all lifestyles and is more effective if used with early intervention. As your cat ages, its joints become less flexible and need protection. Cosequin will help support cartilage production and help in aiding current cartilage breakdown. 

Reviewers have reported that this capsule has helped their cat’s arthritis. It contains Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, a chemical typically found in your cat’s cartilage. It helps keep your cat’s joints flexible and can provide anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is one of the main contenders of pain, so managing it is vital with joint disease. 

This multivitamin is over the counter but make sure to consult with your veterinarian first in case of any contraindications.


  • Great for cats with dental disease/ no teeth.
  • Sprinkle powder is convenient and goes right on cats’ food.
  • Great for all ages and lifestyles.


  • No flavor.
  • Some cats may avoid food if they do not like the smell.
  • Food aversion can lead to other issues for your cat.

NaturVet – VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamins For Cats Plus Glucosamine

Best All Natural Vitamin

3 Stars ★★★

If you prefer all-natural products, then this is a good fit for you and your cat. NaturVet is wheat-free and manufactured in the USA. It also carries the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Seal, representing high standards and commitment. In addition, reviewers have reported improvements after just six weeks of using this supplement. 

The chews contain eight essential vitamins and have added glucosamine that helps protect and support your cat’s joints. In addition, the chews come in a resealable cup to ensure constant freshness, which also keeps them soft. 

This multivitamin is over the counter but make sure to consult with your veterinarian first in case of any contraindications.


  • Wheat free.
  • Natural product.
  • NASC seal.


  • Reviewers complained that supplement gave their cat diarrhea.

I Love Veterinary’s Final Verdict

Supplements, vitamins, and minerals are all essential parts of your cat’s overall well-being. Helping them achieve optimal health to promote a positive lifestyle is one of the many ways we should love our cats. With the help of your veterinarian and great research, you can achieve this. 

It’s essential to make note that all the above products were extensively reviewed and have great reputations. This, however, does not mean they are the ideal fit for your cat. Only you and your veterinarian can decide that. Both of you know your cat’s personality and medical history and will be able to determine which cat vitamin, mineral, or supplement is best. 

Many cats have more than one ailment and need, so going through their history with your veterinarian is key. This will help you target the areas you need and hopefully find one vitamin, mineral, or supplement to check off all boxes. In addition, giving your cat fewer medications may ensure that they actually take it.

The VetriScience Laboratories-NuCat, Multivitamin does hit many of the main boxes you are trying to achieve when giving a vitamin. That is why it was chosen for our top overall pick. It also comes in a chewable form which is usually an easier way for cats to take a particular medication. 

After careful review, The VetriScience Laboratories-NuCat, Multivitamin was the best overall vitamin. This was due to its lifestyle reach, its ingredients, and veterinary recommended status. All of these vitamins are available through links on this page. Remember when in doubt, consult your veterinarian for some guidance and always before giving any medication.