7 Gift ideas for Veterinary Receptionists

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A veterinary clinic cannot run smoothly without the diligent performance of the veterinary receptionist. They are the face of the veterinary practice, and like any other staff member, they deserve recognition for their outstanding work. Find the best gifts for Vet Receptionist Day and Vet Receptionist Week (April 23-29, 2023) right here!

veterinary receptionist I Love Veterinary

As a loyal client at your local veterinary practice for years, you may have started a great friendship with the person who is always behind the desk, welcoming you with a smile. You may want to thank the veterinary receptionist with a gift for her or his support when your pets are ill or for simply always providing you and your furry friend with the best customer service.

If you work in a vet clinic, you know that your veterinary receptionist is a hard worker and has exceptional customer service, interpersonal, and organization skills. Your receptionist likely has so many tasks on her plate and might be under stressful situations with clients, but they are always happy to help. It is important to acknowledge their role and tell them how awesome they are, one of the ways you can do this at any time is by purchasing a gift. 

Maybe one of your family members is a veterinary receptionist, and you know they are working days and sometimes evenings at the veterinary clinic, giving their best every day even when they may be exhausted. An appreciation gift can make their day!

giving a gift to a veterinary receptionist I love veterinary

Before we dive in the gift ideas for veterinary receptionists, let’s answer this common question: “When should you buy a gift for a vet receptionist?”

When should you buy a gift for a veterinary receptionist?

A gift is always appreciated, and it is a great way to say, “thank you for all you do.” There are certain special occasions when you can buy a gift for a veterinary receptionist:

  • Veterinary Receptionist Week (April 23 – 29, 2023)
  • Veterinary Receptionist Appreciation Day (every October 1st)
  • The receptionist’s birthday
  • Receptionist Day (every second Wednesday of May)
  • Christmas
  • Employee Appreciation Day (every first Friday of March)
  • The birth of a new child
  • A milestone in their career 
  • Women’s day (every March 8th)
  • Mother’s or Father’s day 

We know that buying a gift can be challenging as there are many options in the market, and you need to think about the person’s interest. At I Love Veterinary, we want to make it easier for you and help you skip the process of brainstorming gift ideas for a veterinary receptionist.

If you are a pet owner and need some extra help choosing the ideal gift, you can ask one of their coworkers.

Now, let’s take a look at the 7 gift ideas to surprise a veterinary receptionist!


Veterinary receptionist gift, t-shirt by I Love Veterinary

Our T-shirts with veterinary quotes and images are a great way to show their passion for the veterinary profession! No veterinary receptionist can resist having one of our t-shirts in their wardrobe.

“Wife, mom, vet receptionist, boss” is an excellent design for Mother’s or Women’s day. 

Add a personal touch by customizing a t-shirt with a photo of Fido!

vet receptionist t shirt I Love Veterinary - Blog for Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Students

Tote Bags

Who doesn’t like tote bags? 🙂 Tote bags are practical, useful and everybody has at least one! If you are more of a free-speech vet receptionist than this tote bag will be perfect for you! You can find other designs as well in this tote bag collection.

vet receptionist tote bag I Love Veterinary - Blog for Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Students

Engraved Pen

One thing Veterinary Receptionists care about a lot are their pens! Everyone has their own favorite pen and things can escalate quickly if you happen to borrow a vet receptionist’s favorite pen. So that’s why we advise you to get your vet receptionists an engraved pen like this one! You can add their name and no one (hopefully 🙂 ) would dare to borrow it.

vet receptionist pen I Love Veterinary - Blog for Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Students


veterinary receptionist gifts, coffee mugs, by I Love Veterinary

Are you looking for the perfect gift set?

Mugs are an ideal gift combination with a tumbler as they can use the tumbler for takeaway drinks and the mugs for coffee at the veterinary practice or at home. The perfect gift set for a coffee lover!

We can engrave their name below the design just for your vet receptionist.


sneakers for veterinary receptionist by I Love Veterinary

Comfortable, safe, and durable sneakers are essential for any veterinary staff. The veterinary receptionist may have to go from one room to another to get necessary supplies, documents, or a vet.

Our sneakers come in different colors and animal-related designs, which can make the best gift for any veterinary receptionist! 


Our necklaces are the perfect gift for a female veterinary receptionist who wants to bring her profession everywhere she goes!  

veterinary receptionist gift by I Love Veterinary

Our luxury necklaces come with a heart pendant or a dog tag with a design for animal lovers and veterinary professionals. You can also engrave her name on it to make it extra special.

Before buying any jewelry, it is essential to be aware of the receptionist’s style and personality. Maybe she is not someone who likes jewelry! But don’t worry, we are giving you seven options to suit every person!


gifts for veterinary receptionist, tumbler, by I Love Veterinary

Tumblers are a great option if you know that the veterinary receptionist loves hot beverages, or you have seen a takeaway cup of coffee or tea beside the receptionist.

Our stainless steel tumblers are our best-seller products because of their fantastic quality and veterinary-related designs! 

“Vet receptionists were created because animals need heroes” is one of our favorite designs for veterinary receptionists. 

How can you make a tumbler even better? We can engrave their name below the design! 

Some extra suggestions we like >

ZIP hoodies 

gift for veterinary receptionist, zip hoodie by I Love Veterinary

ZIP hoodies are an excellent gift for those who walk to their vet clinic on cold mornings and for someone who prefers wearing cozy clothes at home or outdoors.

At I Love Veterinary, we have the perfect style for every veterinary receptionist.

Before buying ZIP hoodies, it is important to ask yourself: what is their personality?. Our 49% vet receptionist and 51% badass would suit a receptionist who loves a bit of fun!

We also can customize ZIP hoodies with a photo of their pet. If you are a pet owner, you may need to conspire with the veterinary team to get a picture of the receptionist’s furry friend. 

Custom Canvas

Every veterinary staff member is a proud pet parent! 

Custom canvas, wall art by I Love Veterinary

We customize canvas with a photo of their beloved furry friend. Our pet canvas can make the most thoughtful and beautiful gift they may have ever received.


Veterinary receptionists are staff members who deserve a big round of applause for their commitment to animals and clients!

If you decide to purchase one of our gift choices for a veterinary receptionist, there is no doubt that you will impress them. You can also organize a group gift for their birthdays and any special occasions!

Are you looking for a present to thank a veterinarian? Check out our best gifts for veterinarians!


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