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Every active session of a dog deserves a consecutive moment of calmness and sleep. Giving your furry friend the best melatonin for dogs helps it get the highest level of restfulness. In return, your dog will not experience negative stress or generate excess cortisol that inhibits its digestive system.

How much do you know about dog melatonin? If you need a refresher on what you already know, let us explore the topic together.

Chemical formula of melatonin

Can You Give a Dog Melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural hormone in mammals. Its production happens in the pineal gland of the brain. The other body parts that produce the hormone are salivary glands, esophagus, stomach lining, and intestinal lining.

This hormone helps to regulate sleep cycles and tell the body when to sleep and wake up. Melatonin levels in mammals are high at night and low during the day.

Sometimes, there is a need for one to get melatonin supplements. Occasional insomnia, delayed sleep-phase disorder, and other sleep-related problems warrant the intake of melatonin supplements among humans.

Even though melatonin is a prescription for humans, it is also for dogs. It is one of the supplements that benefit both humans and dogs. 

The supplement is beneficial to dogs with disordered sleep, hair loss, anxiety, and Cushing’s disease. Also, a vet can prescribe melatonin for dogs undergoing chemotherapy because of cancer.

So, if your dog becomes anxious because of thunderstorms and fireworks, melatonin supplements can help it manage the noise phobia. In addition, the supplement works better together with behavior therapy and other non-drug treatments when treating noise phobias in dogs.

Our Top Pick

Nootie PROGILITY Daily Soft Chew Supplements for All Size Dogs: Best for Promoting Relaxation, Reducing Stress and Anxiety, Supporting the Immune System, and Supporting the Digestive System (Our Rating: 4.4/5 Stars)

We select Nootie Progility supplements as the best dog melatonin on the market because of their multiple benefits. They combine most of the benefits that each of the remaining best picks contains.

Nootie Progility helps your dog relax, sleep, and overcome noise phobias. It also supports the brain and digestive systems of your dog. Nootie is easy to administer because it is a chewable treat. In addition, its cold-pressing production process makes the ingredients retain their maximum efficiency.

The Best Dog Melatonin on the Market

  1. Nootie PROGILITY Daily Soft Chew Supplements for All Size Dogs (Best for promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, supporting the immune system, and supporting the digestive system). Our rating: 4.4/5 stars.
  2. K9 Choice 3 mg Melatonin (Best for reducing cortisol levels in dogs, aiding sleep, boosting the immune system, and supporting overall health). Our rating: 4.1/5 stars.
  3. NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Supplement (Best for promoting Relaxation and reducing stress, motion sickness, and storm anxiety for dogs). Our rating: 4.1/5 stars.
  4. K9 Select Melatonin for Dogs – 120 3 mg Melatonin ((Best for reducing cortisol levels in dogs, aiding sleep, boosting the immune system, and supporting overall health). Our rating: 4.2/5 stars.
  5. Zesty Paws Calming and Cognition Soft Chews for Dogs (Best for supporting brain health, composure, and reducing anxiety). Our rating: 4.4/5 stars.
  6. Finn Calming Chews for Dogs – Natural Calming Treats (Best for reducing stress and anxiety and bringing calmness). Our rating: 4.1/5 stars.
  7. Native Pet Calming Chews for Dogs (Best for reducing anxiety, supporting brain health, and aiding sleep). Our rating: 4.1/5 stars.
  8. Pet Wellbeing – Pet Melatonin for Dogs (Best for aiding sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and producing normal cortisol). Our rating: 4.2/5 stars.

Is Melatonin Safe for Dogs?

Will melatonin hurt a dog? This concern is among other worries that dog lovers have over melatonin supplements. The answer is that the supplements are safe. However, you have to watch and address any resultant side effects. Also, you have to consult your vet before giving the supplements to your dog.

The common melatonin side effects are fatigue, extreme drowsiness, digestive issues, and increased heart rate. Also, the supplement is not fit diabetic dogs because it can result in insulin resistance.

You should also note that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the use of supplements, including melatonin. 

Sometimes, supplements can have xylitol, a sugar substitute gentle to humans but lethal to dogs. So, check the ingredients of melatonin thoroughly before making a purchase. You can also opt to stick to the brand that your vet recommended.  

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) approves melatonin supplements as safe for dogs. In addition, ASPCA disregards the risks of the supplements as minimal. However, the organization discourages the purchasing of melatonin with added harmful fillers and coatings.

If your dog is on medication, liaise with your vet to know whether melatonin will interact with the drugs well.

How much melatonin should you give to your dog? Unfortunately, the available literature is not specific on the melatonin dosage for dogs. 

Some sources indicate that you should give 10.6 to 21.18 ounces (300.79 to 600.45 grams) of the supplement to dogs with sleeping disorders. Other sources recommend giving 0.35 ounces (9.92 grams) of melatonin per 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) weight for dogs with anxiety disorders.

However, follow guidelines from your vet on the appropriate dosage of melatonin to give to your dog. Also, buy pre-weighed supplements for accurate dosage.

The Pros and Cons of Melatonin for Dogs

Feeding your dog with melatonin-boosting food is one of the healthy behaviors you should adopt. It is in the interest of the overall well-being of your dog. The following are some of the tryptophan-rich raw food that you should give your dog to improve its melatonin levels:

  • Pastured poultry
  • Wild game
  • Wild fish, including halibut
  • Cow’s (grass-fed) raw milk (feed with caution because of dairy products tolerance of your dog)

If you fail to get the listed organic food, the alternative is to give melatonin supplements to your dog. The move results in the following benefits:



If your dog has a sleeping disorder, you will hear it moving around, panting, and whining at night. It can also exhibit other signs of restlessness. Such a dog is dull, sleepy, and sluggish during the day, even though it may not interrupt your sleep at night.

Melatonin supplements help to restore the sleeping pattern of your dog. On average, small dogs sleep for 14 to 16 hours daily, medium breeds sleep for 10 to 14 hours daily, and large breeds sleep for 14 to 18 hours daily.

Notably, melatonin is quite helpful to senior dogs suffering from cognitive issues. Also, blind dogs that do not see whether it is night or day time benefit from the supplement significantly.

Cute dog sleeping


If your dog is often anxious, give it melatonin supplements to improve its calmness. Sometimes, the supplement can inhibit dopamine, a feel-good chemical that triggers alertness in a dog. If your dog has excess dopamine, it can become anxious.

Hair Loss

The debate on how melatonin prevents hair loss is non-conclusive. Some veterinary dermatologists propose that melatonin has a direct positive effect on hair cells and follicles. So, it can stimulate the dog’s hair growth hormones.

Dog Cancer Management

Melatonin helps to eradicate chemotherapy side effects in dogs. It also promotes weight gain for dogs suffering from cancer. Sometimes, chemotherapy can reduce the appetite of a dog drastically.

Cushing’s Disease Management

Melatonin reduces cortisol levels in dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease. The disease comes from the overproduction of cortisol. Melatonin can help to reduce cortisol levels in dogs.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) Management

Senior dogs are susceptible to CCD. Some of the unusual behaviors that signify that your dog suffers from CCD include restlessness at night, disorientation, confusion, and indoor accidents during the daytime. Giving your senior dog melatonin supplements helps the dog sleep well.

Gut Health Management

Melatonin supports the microbiome health of your dog. This is why the dog’s gastrointestinal tract produces the hormone in large quantities. In addition, the hormone is responsible for the stimulation of diversified good-gut bacteria.

Other functions of melatonin towards gut health include improving oxidative stress resistance, supporting regular bowel movements, and diarrhea and constipation control.

Immunity Boost

One of the most significant benefits of melatonin is to improve a dog’s immune system. This is because the melatonin receptors in the immune cells and various organs increase their immune response.


Anything with benefits has its drawbacks. The concept also applies to melatonin supplements. The following are some of the disadvantages of the supplements:

Side Effects

Your dog can be allergic to melatonin supplements. So, you have to watch out for any unusual signs. You should also watch out for the following side effects:

  • Confusion or drowsiness
  • Fertility changes
  • Cramps or stomach upset
  • Accelerated heart rate

Melatonin Effects on Diabetic Dogs

Never feed a diabetic dog with melatonin supplements. The supplements can cause insulin resistance in the dog’s body. In return, it can be difficult for your dog to convert food into energy.

Can Puppies Have Melatonin?

Never give pregnant dogs and puppies below 12 weeks melatonin supplements. Regarding puppy melatonin, research on the effects of melatonin on the growth and development of puppies is inconclusive. So, never expose your puppies or a pregnant dog to this unknown risk.

Your Dog Sleep Aid Buyers Guide

Before selecting the best dog sleep aid, consider several factors. The move will help you know the relevant and valuable supplements versus the supplements that will be less efficient for your dog. The following are the factors to consider:


Different melatonin supplements have different dosages. However, any supplement with an active ingredient weighing 7.06 to 17.65 ounces (200.15 to 500.38 grams) is safe for your canine friend.  

A dosage of 7.06 ounces (200.15 grams) of the active ingredient targets dogs with anxiety, phobias, and restlessness. On the other hand, supplements with active ingredients weighing between 10.59 and 17.65 ounces (300.23 and 500.38 grams) befit dogs with frequent sleep disruptions, insomnia, alopecia, and Cushing’s disease.

Supplement Form

The supplement form determines its ease of administration. The available options are liquids, injections, and solid orals.

Regarding the injections, only a professional should use them. The injections come in handy when treating medical conditions. On the other hand, you can find solid orals, such as capsules, tablets, and chews. They are easy to administer because you can mix them with dog treats or mix them with water.

Flavor Profile

Flavor matters when selecting melatonin supplements because dogs’ palates are very sensitive. If they taste anything unusual, they spit it out. So, they can fail to get the benefits that the supplements offer.

If your dog is used to any available supplement flavor, your dog will enjoy the supplement. You can also opt for any supplement with meat flavoring.

Desired Effect

Before setting out to buy a melatonin supplement, identify its specific need. If your dog suffers from anxiety, never go for supplements that target dogs with insomnia. Identifying your desired effect helps you choose the correct dosage and additional ingredients that target the specific need.

Melatonin Only vs. Combination Formulas

If you go for supplements with melatonin as the only active ingredient, you will get a solution for a dog with sleeping troubles. However, you need a supplement with more ingredients for additional benefits. For example, you can opt for supplements with thiamine, hemp oil, and chamomile in addition to melatonin. Such supplements will reduce your dog’s anxiety and help it sleep well.


Fillers make melatonin supplements more consumable. They also add the supplement bulk. However, you need caution not to give your dog supplements with harmful fillers. Fillers, such as potatoes and peas, are pet-friendly. They do not compromise the overall health of your dog. However, if your dog is allergic to gluten, go for grain-free supplements.

The Best Dog Melatonin Reviewed

Nootie PROGILITY Daily Soft Chew Supplements for All Size Dogs: Best for Promoting Relaxation, Reducing Stress and Anxiety, Supporting the Immune System, and Supporting the Digestive System (Our Rating: 4.4/5 Stars)

Nootie Progility has a variety of natural ingredients that reduce stress and phobias (anxiety) to enable your dog to relax. It is also a separation anxiety relief. Nootie contains Thiamine to boost the immune system of your dog. In addition, its probiotics support the digestive system of your dog.

This product has undergone cold-pressing to preserve the quality of its ingredients. It is also in chewable form for ease of administration.

  • Ingredients: Active ingredients include Per chew L-Theanine, Thiamine, Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan, Ginger Root, Colostrum, Valerian Root, Melatonin, Probiotics (Bifidobacterium Bifidum)
  • Form: Chews
  • Ease of administration: High
  • Flavor/s: Natural bacon
  • Pros: Reduces anxiety and stress, support immune and digestive systems, easy to administer, cold-pressed to retain ingredients’ quality, natural plant-based, contains multiple components, including melatonin, and fit for all dog sizes
  • Con: Does not aid a dog to sleep
  • Key Features: 90 Soft chews
  • Product weight: 16 ounces (160 grams)
  • Volume of product: 3.5 x 3.5 x 5.75 inches (8.89 x 8.89 x 14.61 centimeters)

K9 Choice 3 Mg Melatonin: Best for Reducing Cortisol Levels in Dogs, Aiding Sleep, and Boosting the Immune System, and Supporting Overall Health (Our Rating: 4.1/5 Stars)

K9 Choice is a veterinarian-recommended melatonin supplement. It reduces cortisol levels in your dog to help the dog overcome noise and other phobias. It also restores the normal sleep cycle of your dog.

Regarding overall health, K9 can boost your dog’s immunity in addition to improving the coat and skin health of your dog.

  • Ingredients: Active ingredient is melatonin
  • Form: Chews
  • Ease of administration: High
  • Flavor/s: Natural peanut butter 
  • Pros: Reduces anxiety and cortisol levels, improves immunity and coat and skin health, restores the normal sleep cycle, easy to administer.
  • Con: Requires a vet check before administration
  • Key features: 120 Chews 
  • Product weight: 3.21 ounces (91 grams)
  • Volume of product: 4.29 x 2.01 x 2.01 inches (10.9 x 5.11 x 5.11 centimeters)

Naturvet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Supplement: Best for Promoting Relaxation and Reducing Stress, Motion Sickness, and Storm Anxiety for Dogs. (Amazon’s Choice Award for Dog Calming Treats) (Our Rating: 4.1/5 Stars)

Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety, stress, tension, and nervousness? Naturvet Quiet Moments is the melatonin supplement you require to care for your dog. This product contains wholesome ingredients that support the nervous system of your dog.

Naturvet also helps your dog overcome noise phobias. It is soft chews that even your senior dog will enjoy.

  • Ingredients: Active ingredients include chamomile, thiamine mononitrate, passionflower, ginger, l-tryptophan, and melatonin 
  • Form: Chewables
  • Ease of administration: High
  • Flavor/s: Natural flavoring
  • Pros: Reduces separation anxiety, tension, nervousness, and stress, supports the nervous system, aids in overcoming phobias
  • Con: Does not aid in sleeping
  • Key features: 70 Chews
  • Product weight: 6.4 ounces (181.38 grams)
  • Volume of product: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.75 inches (8.89 x 8.89 x 9.5 centimeters)

K9 Select Melatonin for Dogs – 120 3 Mg Melatonin: Best for Reducing Cortisol Levels in Dogs, Aiding to Sleep, and Boosting the Immune System, and Supporting Overall Health (Amazon Choice Award in Dog Multivitamins by K9Select) (Our Rating: 4.2/5 Stars)

Your puppies and small dogs will benefit from K9 Select Melatonin significantly. This product reduces their cortisol levels, helps them sleep better, boosts their immunity, and improves their coat and skin quality.

K9 also reduces noise phobias in addition to restoring the normal sleep cycle of your dog. As a result, your dog will have a restful and calm night after taking K9.

  • Ingredients: Active ingredient is melatonin
  • Form: Chews
  • Ease of administration: High
  • Flavor/s: Beef
  • Pros: Supports better sleep and high immunity, reduces cortisol levels, reduces noise phobias, restores the normal sleep cycle, fit for small dogs and puppies
  • Con: It is not from natural ingredients
  • Key features: 120 Chews
  • Product weight: 2.4 ounces (68.04 grams)
  • Volume of product: 2.25 x 2.25 x 4 inches (5.72 x 5.72 x 0.16)

Zesty Paws Calming and Cognition Soft Chews for Dogs: Best for Supporting Brain Health, Composure and Reducing Anxiety (Amazon’s Choice Award for Calming Chews for Senior Calming & Cognition) (Our Rating: 4.4/5 Stars)

If you are looking for a melatonin supplement that will support multiple systems of your dog, Zesty Paws is an apt solution. This product supports the cognitive and memory recall abilities of your dog. It also stabilizes the stress levels of your dog to normal levels.

The sensoril ingredient in Zesty helps your dog to cope with most external stressors, such as noise. The Lion’s Mane Mushroom ingredient is organic. It helps in the reduction of hyperactivity, nervousness, and discontentment.

  • Ingredients: Active ingredients are Schizochytrium sp. algae, organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, organic chamomile, organic passionflower, valerian root, sensoril, melatonin
  • Form: Chews
  • Ease of administration: High
  • Flavor/s: Chicken
  • Pros: Supports multiple body systems, helps with noise phobia, reduces nervousness, hyperactivity, and restlessness.
  • Con: Does not aid in sleeping
  • Key features: 90 Chews
  • Product weight: 14.39 ounces (407.96 grams)
  • Volume of product: 4.02 x 3.66 x 3.58 inches (10.21 x 9.3 x 9.09 centimeters)

Finn Calming Chews for Dogs – Natural Calming Treats: Best for Reducing Stress and Anxiety and Bringing Calmness (Our Rating: 4.1/5 Stars)

Combining melatonin, chamomile, ginger, and other dog-friendly ingredients results in Finn Calming Chews. It is a product that maintains the natural stress levels of your dog, promotes calmness and comfort, and rid of noise phobias in your dog.

Finn has undergone cold-pressing to maintain the quality of its natural ingredients. Also, it does not have any fillers.

  • Ingredients: Active ingredients are organic chamomile, L-tryptophan, organic passionflower, and melatonin
  • Form: Chews
  • Ease of administration: High
  • Flavor/s: Beef liver
  • Pros: Reduces anxiety and phobias, maintains natural stress levels
  • Con: Does not support sleeping and immunity
  • Key features: 90 Chews
  • Product weight: 13.12 ounces (371.95 grams)
  • Volume of product: 3.7 x 4.1 x 3.7 inches (9.4 x 10.41 x 9.4 centimeters)

Native Pet Calming Chews for Dogs: Best for Reducing Anxiety, Supporting Brain Health, and Aiding Sleep (Our Rating: 4.1/5 Stars)

Native Pet is vet-recommended as one of the best dog anxiety relief supplements. It contains hemp treats that support the brain function to reduce anxiety. It also helps your dog to sleep well. Lastly, it comes from a blend of natural ingredients.

  • Ingredients: Active ingredients are melatonin, L-thianine, thiamine, and hemp seed powder
  • Form: Chews
  • Ease of administration: High
  • Flavor/s: Chicken
  • Pros: Reduces anxiety, aids sleep, soothes the nervous system, boosts mood
  • Con: Does not boost immunity
  • Key Features: 60 Chews
  • Product weight: 8.47 ounces (240.12 grams)
  • Volume of product: 4.61 x 3.15 x 3.03 inches (11.71 x 8.0 x 7.7 centimeters)

Pet Wellbeing – Pet Melatonin for Dogs: Best for Aiding Sleep, Reducing Stress and Anxiety, and Production of Normal Cortisol (Our Rating: 4.2/5 Stars)

Pet Wellbeing is an all-in-one melatonin supplement for dogs. It aids sleep, maintains natural stress and anxiety levels, regulates urination and appetite, and maintains average cortisol production. It comes from organic herbs.

  • Ingredients: Active ingredient is synthetic melatonin
  • Form: Liquid
  • Ease of administration: Medium
  • Flavor/s: Natural bacon
  • Pros: Helps a dog to sleep well, maintain natural stress and anxiety levels, urinate and eat well, and have a healthy digestive system
  • Con: Does not boost immunity
  • Key features: Multiple drops for the appropriate application
  • Product weight: 2 ounces (56.7 grams)
  • Volume of product: 5.71 x 4.21 x 1.77 inches (14.50 x 10.69 x 4.5 centimeters)

FAQs on Melatonin for Dogs

Q: Why is melatonin used in dogs?

A: Melatonin regulates sleep in dogs. It promotes calmness within the body of a dog. It triggers the dog’s brain to rest.

Q: Can you give your dog too much melatonin?

A: Yes. However, administering high doses of melatonin makes your dog sleep for too long. It can also inhibit some body functions. So, give melatonin to your dog in moderate quantities.

Q: What are the side effects of melatonin in dogs?

A: Possible side effects of melatonin in dogs are lethargy, depression, weight gain, and changes in fertility cycles. However, the side effects are usually mild. So, report any unusual side effects to your veterinarian.

Q: How much melatonin should I give my dog?

A: The weight and size of your dog determine the amount of melatonin to give to your dog. The package label of the supplement indicates the correct dosage to give to your dog. If the label is unclear, consult your vet on the best dosage for your dog.

Melatonin supplements

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The Final Bark!

We elect Nootie PROGILITY Daily Soft Chew Supplements for All Size Dogs as the best melatonin for dogs. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, supports the immune system, and supports the digestive system of your dog. So, we give it 4.4 out of 5 Stars.

If you still want to browse around, you are now an expert in dogs and melatonin. It is time to rid your furry friend of sleepless nights, noise phobias, and restlessness. It will start having restful nights and waking up to active days.