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A blood test for liver disease in dogs

A recent study for a blood test for liver disease in dogs, conducted by the team of researchers at the University’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies alongside with a team of medical doctors, made up a canine-specific blood test to test for liver disease in dogs.

The study was published in the “Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine”.

The science behind the test is based on an already existing idea from the human medicine, and that is to look for a specific molecule in the blood, the MiR-122 molecule, which can be found in high levels in people suffering from some form of liver disease.

The team tested 250 dogs and their owners for this molecule. Among the tested dogs, there were breeds like Old English sheepdogs, Cocker-Spaniels, and Labradoodles.

In fact, the dogs that were tested and had indeed liver disease been found to have higher levels of the miR-122 molecule. The healthy dogs had normal levels.

This test will help make a less invasive test for liver diseases and help dogs get diagnosed more easily.

Read the original story HERE.

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