A Guide on 9 of The Best Cat Harnesses This Year

The best cat harnesses depend on the type of cat you have, in terms of personality, size, and breed, and the purpose you are using the harness for. 

Thinking of taking your cat for a walk? Or keep it close to you always but you are not sure about a leash or collar? Try a cat harness. 

A harness is a material sewn together to cover the chest and back of the animal, as well as secure the front legs. Cat harness provides you with the ability to connect a leash and safely walk your cat outside. It is more secure than  a collar

The Uses of a Cat Harness

There are reasons for considering the use of a cat harness.

  1. Some cats dislike cat carriers
  2. Going on a long trip
  3. Going for short walks to catch fresh air
  4. Used as a communication tool (wearing a harness means it is time to go out.)

A Quick Guide on The Best Cat Harness to Purchase on Amazon

In choosing a harness, there are some things to consider.

  • Comfort
  • Well-fitting
  • Safe to use/appropriate for the cat
  • Place of usage
  • Duration of usage

This guide would be based on these considerations

The Best Cat Harness in Our Opinion

rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash

This harness comes with a leash for walking your cat. It is easy to breathe and provides comfort to your cat. It is easily adjustable also. The harness provides extra security to your cat as it covers both the chest and the back region.


The harness is light in weight and does not weigh on your cat. The presence of mesh underneath the harness helps your cat breathe freely. It has four straps, two on each side which are both adjustable and provides additional security to your cat to prevent it from escaping. 

It comes with a leash, hence you don’t have to worry about getting a leash on your own. The harness is made of reflective material that glows in the dark, so your cat is always visible. It is designed with your cat in mind and made vest-friendly to prevent choking or neck strain.

It is available in 10 different colors (black, emerald, grey, light blue, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow). This gives you a wide range to choose from to compliment the fur of your cat.


The size range is very limited as it comes only in XS and S. 

PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash

PetSafe has been producing animal accessories since 1991. Their harness and leash are solid and comfortable. The bungee leash is unique with its zig-zag feature. This can help prevent theft in a pack as you might be the only one having it.


Comes in three sizes(small, medium, and large) and gives enough freedom to choose based on size. The harness applies light pressure to the shoulders of your cat instead of its neck and head as a collar would. The leash stretches as it is bungee and prevents painful tugging as your cat reaches the end of the leash.

Comes in six different colors to choose from. They are black/silver, dusty rose/burgundy, electric lime/green, lilac/bright purple, red/cranberry, royal blue/navy. 


Does not fit over the chest area as a jacket. Has only two adjustable straps for maximum security.

Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness and Leash

This harness and its leash is adjustable and has a magic tape button known as Velcro. It comes in a variety of designs and has lace covering in some parts of the harness. This gives your cat a royal look.


The harness has pads that make your pet feel so comfortable. It covers the entire chest area like a jacket. It comes in five different sizes and it is suitable for cats of all sizes. The sizes available are XS, S, M, L, and XL The designs available are black plaid, camo, polka dot black, polka dot blue, polka dot pink, and sailor suit navy.


Has no visible adjustment button but uses Velcro to secure the harness.

DMISOCHR Cat Harness and Leash Set

It provides comfort and it is escape-proof. It has the brand name boldly engraved on it to make you stand out amongst your friends. It also helps you to recognize fake ones.


The leash is 5ft long and gives ample room area for your cat during walks. The harness has a safety button on both the neck and chest and protects the cat from escaping. Made with mesh fabric, soft and breathable, the harness can be used in all seasons.

The harness is made with reflective material which reflects at night. It is available in six colors. They are black, cyan, grey, purple, and rose red.


Available in only two sizes – small and medium. The safety button on the chest area could be easily tampered with by the cat.

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

This harness is an all-weather harness. It gives freedom to your pet by allowing it to step in the harness on its own. This can help with obedience training. 


It is a step-in harness, so it doesn’t need adjustable straps and excess buckles. It has a much wider range of sizes from XXXS to XL and thus, can accommodate pets of any size. It has a lot of colors to choose from, 29 colors in all. 

It has three safety features, the hook and loop fastener, the double D-rings, and the buckle.


It doesn’t come with a leash so one would have to spend extra money to buy a leash.

PUPTECK Checkered Frills Soft Mesh Dog Vest Harness

Padded harness for cats. The harness gives extra comfort to your cat by not covering the chest area completely. This prevents your cat from damaging the harness.


It has pads that provide extra comfort for your pet. Available in the four most popular sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large). It is available in 10 different colors and designs. These are; black, black & white, blue, blue dots, blue & black, dot pink, pink, purple, red, and red plaid.

The harness has a plastic closure around the neck that provides extra security to prevent the cat from escaping. It has two D rings that help you secure a leash easily. It has a soft mesh that allows the cat to breathe easily and cools it down in times of heat.


It doesn’t come with a leash and requires you to spend extra money. 

FAYOGOO Cat Harness and Leash

Adjustable, walking-proof harness. The logo on the harness helps you identify fake ones and gives your cat a branded look.


It has a nylon vector in addition to rotatable, lightweight buckles that provide extra security to your cat. The harness material is lightweight, easily breathable. It has pads to provide extra comfort. 

The harness can be replaced or refunded for free in case of issues. 


The harness is available in just three sizes (small, medium, and large) and has five colors (black, green, grey, pink, and red). 

GAUTERF Cat Harnesses and Puppy Harness with Leashes Set

The harness is adjustable, soft, and easy to wear. The logo on the chest area is suitable to aid you to detect fake ones. 


It has nine colors (black, blue, cream, cyan, dark grey, grey, navy blue, orange, pink, red, rose red, sky blue) to choose from and a wide range of sizes from XXXS to XL. The harness is made up of reflective material that glows at night. It has two buckles at the side of the harness for easy adjusting. 

The harness has a double D-ring that helps secure the leash in place. The harness comes with a leash.


The cat can slip through the harness easily due to the design. 

SCIROKKO Cat Harness and Leash Set

Adjustable and escape-proof. The harness has adorable designs on each strap and leash, giving it a unique look. 


The harness has double safety closure that provides security and prevents escape. It has a quick-release buckle that prevents the danger of throat locking. Comes with a leash. 


The harness doesn’t cover the entire chest area of the animal. The harness comes in different colors (black, green, pink, and rose red)  but each has a different cost.

The Best Cat Harness in Our Opinion

The best harness should come in a wide range of sizes to be able to accommodate every cat’s needs. It should be easy to put on and easy to remove but should provide extra security to your cat. There should be a vast variety of colors to choose from to add diversity to the cat harness population. 

The harness should have the property of being visible at night to prevent your cat from getting missing. There should not be any excess buttons hanging around and the straps should be far from reach from the cat. The harness should be able to be used in all weather conditions and it should be durable.

When shopping for a harness, always remember to go for what suits you and what is good for your cat. The cat harness in our opinion that meets all of this criteria is the rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash.