All you need to know about zoonoses

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What are Zoonoses?

Zoonoses is a term used to describe diseases that can be transmitted to humans from animals. There are currently more than 800 zoonotic pathogens that we know of, so this a very serious threat in the veterinary profession. Among these zoonotic diseases, up to 30 of these pathogens can be transmitted from small animals such as dogs and cats. While some of these conditions may not detrimentally effect you, some do have the ability to cause serious illness.


What kind of pathogens can be zoonotic?

What are some zoonotic diseases and pathogens that a veterinary professional may often come in contact with?

Some of the more serious zoonotic diseases include:

How can I protect myself?

Practicing basic hygiene can go a long way in the form of protection against zoonotic disease. Hand washing, keeping a clean environment, and using common sense in situations when handling animals is key. Keeping your pet up to date on preventative care is also one of the main ways to prevent your pet from getting these diseases, which then protects you.

Special precautions should be taken for those who:

  • Are receiving chemotherapy.
  • Are elderly or have chronic diseases.
  • Have AIDS/HIV.
  • Are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
  • Have any form of autoimmune disease.

Zoonoses should not scare you away from owning or being around animals. While these diseases may sound daunting, education and safe precaution can protect you from most dangerous pathogens. Enjoy animals of all kinds, just make sure to wash your hands after each interaction!

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