Organized by BSAVA, the anesthesia webinar will address the possibilities of doing surgery without isoflurane. This webinar is especially of use for UK based veterinarians that are worried about the shortage of anesthetic gases in the United Kingdom.

Anesthesia WebinarThe anesthetic webinar will cover the subjects of how to use low flow anesthesia, monitoring techniques and how to spare gaseous anesthetic agents, also tips and tricks for total and partial intravenous anesthesia, and also analgesia.

The participants of the anesthetic webinar will gain free access to the “Injectable Anesthetics” chapter of the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Analgesia”.

The webinar will be free for all BSAVA members and will cost £25 + taxes for all non-BSAVA members.

This anesthetic webinar should help all veterinarians, UK based or not, to learn how to handle isoflurane shortage situations. BSAVA is trying to answer as many questions and be helpful to all veterinarians.

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