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We have to face the fact that the problem with stray animals everywhere in the world is generally due to the careless and irresponsible acts of humanity. Lucky for us there are people with positive vision who tend to help solve the problem on global scales with selfless sacrifice and a lot of working hours included.

We are about to present a group of people, a great team and our personal friends that started a project of which both animals and humans will benefit from. Planet earth doesn’t just belong to us, but belongs equally to every living thing found here.


“Animals Life NET” is an internet project established for the purpose of supporting animal shelters around the world. When a shelter joins the project they have a unique opportunity in getting food and accessories by private donors, as well as getting volunteers to help around.

“Animals Life NET” covers the expenses of installing live stream web cameras in animal shelters. Each stream is then transmitted to the project’s web-site with each shelter having its own page. This way the shelters get more popular and viewers can decide to make a donation, to adopt an animal they liked and share the streams it with their friends and family.Pet food Animals life net donations

Initially “Animals Life NET” became active back in January 2016 with its headquarters in Northern Europe, in Riga (Latvia). Up till date, the project has attracted 65 shelters from 30 countries around the world, such as Canada, Norway, Greece, Tunisia, Romania, Colombia, Vietnam, Russia, Macedonia, Ecuador, United States, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy etc.

Not only that so many countries are included in the project, but also the website is translated into 17 different languages, and couple more translations are being prepared as we speak.

The team of “” and “Animals Life NET” are partner projects. We worked together for some time now and will continue contributing to the well being of animals in future as well.

What Animals Life NET represents?

We must take in consideration that this is a unique kind of a project which brings people involved in animal well-being and rescue organizations in one place. This place is a website that is intentionally made for people with a desire to change the lives of stray and homeless animals for the better.

So far there hasn’t been a service on the internet where you can see what actually happens in a sanctuary or a shelter without physically visiting one.

Except for the possibility to help of the sanctuaries via donations, after some time when the help arrives you can see the outcome of your donations, and realize what difference you made.

After watching all of those funny and happy animals along the way be sure that there is a great chance of falling in love with one and wanting to adopt it. You can adopt a pet from a certain shelter only if you live in the same country where the shelter you want to adopt from is from.

What makes Animals Life NET so special?

There are thousands of people that really and honestly care for animals, but due to different circumstances, they are sometimes limited with time and distance to personally visit a shelter and offer some kind of help.

Luckily the project’s team made use of modern technology and came up with a platform that offers a solutioPet food Animals life net donations n for helping animals without being physically present. Now you are just a few clicks away from buying a tasty dinner for some unfortunate dog or cat.

There is no limit towards including new shelters to the project. As a matter of fact, the team is always in search of new, unknown animal shelters even in the most desolated parts of the planet. The more shelters the better.

All of the services provided by Animals Life NET are free of charge, even the expenses for the webcams and their delivery. The only thing the shelter has to do is have a strong will to join the project and internet access inside their headquarters for supporting the live stream.

Every involvement is utterly independent, as the owners of the shelters can choose the location site for the cameras and the number of cameras. After installing they get their own webpage with a short history and description of the shelter, of course, a live stream video, mapped address and their contact information listed.

 How do the donations work?

There are couple types of donations that you, as a private donator can make. First of all, you can support the project directly by donating a preferred sum. These donations are used by the team for purchasing new webcams and equipment which will be afterward sent to new sanctuaries and shelters that want to join the project. You can look at this as a long-time investment in the animal saving plan.

The second and probably most popular way is to choose a certain sanctuary that you want to help. Each page has a different list of products you can buy, depending on the type of animals that are being kept by the shelter. For example, if you choose a cat-only shelter then most likely that dry cat food, canned food or cat litter crystals will be listed as possible products. If you go to a page of a bear rescue shelter (trust me there are such) you can invest your money in fresh apples or/and honey for the animals.Pet food Animals life net donations

The third way is through affiliate marketing. You can use alternative links from Animal Life NET and shop for products on online shops such as our shop, Amazon or AliExpress. If you make a transaction and buy anything you need for yourself, a percentage of that transaction goes for the shelter you made the initial affiliation from.

Future plans

It’s expected for the project to include shelters from Australia, New Zealand and Goa soon enough.  Also, plans include the opening of an e-store where people can purchase everyday products and help animals at the same time. Recently they implemented a pet-shop page on their web-site, where you can buy food for your own pet and thus a percentage of the money goes for the shelter animals.

You can also be a part of the world-changing team. Visit the website and check out the great and unique features they offer. Read many interesting blog-posts and follow them on other social networks. Start contributing by making a small donation that won’t change a thing for you, but may change a lot for some not so fortunate animal.


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