With a unanimous vote, AVMA (the American Veterinary Medical Association) in January enacted a policy on antimicrobial stewardship as a “call to action” for everyone in the profession to promote in the intent for preserving antimicrobial efficiency.
This policy was developed as a response to the rising need for reevaluation on how antimicrobial drugs are used and prescribed in the veterinary field, and more important, because of the worrying fact of overuse and misuse of antibiotics and its relation to antimicrobial resistance.
CDC (the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that the amount of inappropriately used antimicrobials in the veterinary field is close to 50%.

The CDC advocates for veterinarians to take an example from human hospitals that have successfully implemented the improvements in the use of antibiotics, and to show that antibiotic stewardship can make the treatment better and will reduce the adverse effects that can be associated with antibiotics.

Read the entire report and the whole policy here: https://goo.gl/QQ5Wtp