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Are purebred dogs more prone to diseases than mixed breeds?

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A recent study, conducted by Wisdom Health and Genoscoper Laboratories, shows that mixed-breed dogs are less likely to show signs of genetic diseases than purebred dogs. The study was in the “PLOS Genetics”. The research was concentrated on the frequency and distribution of 152 genetic diseases and their variants in the researched pool od 100 000 purebred and mixed-breed dogs. dogs playing in water

Dr. Cindy Cole, DVM, the general manager of Wisdom Health, says that many people believe that mixed-breed dogs are disease free because of all the mixed genes they have and that those mixed genes make them stronger. The research showed, that even though they are less likely to develop a certain genetic disease, they can still be a carrier of that particular gene.

In their research, they tested for the genes of 152 disease mutations. Some of the diseases are retinal atrophy, MDR1, von Willebrand’s disease etc…

To read the results, and the entire article, click HERE.

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