Are succulents poisonous to cats?

Are succulents poisonous to cats?

You decided to decorate your home, or garden, and agreed on some lovely succulents. But have you ever wondered if they can pose danger for your pets?

Having succulents at home is a growing trend because they are very easy to take care of. They come in all shapes and sizes, are very easy to maintain, have a wide range of colors and some of them even bloom. They are perfect for almost any space in your home.

Because of the rising trend of having succulents in our home, it is very important for veterinarians to be able to warn their clients about the potential danger these plants can bring for their pets. It is true that most succulents are harmless to pets, but there are few species that can cause problems.

We prepared this infographic to educate veterinarians, future veterinarians, and pet owners about which succulent plants can be harmful to cats.


Are succulents poisonous to cats


    – Saponins and anthraquinones found in aloe vera can cause lethargy, diarrhea, and vomiting if ingested.
    Anthraquinones, anthracene, and glycosides found in true aloe can cause vomiting and a change in urine color (red).
    – Euphorbias contain a white sap in their leaves that can irritate the skin. For cats, coming into contact with the sap can cause a rash. Ingesting this succulent can irritate the mouth and stomach, sometimes causing vomiting.
    – Kalanchoes can cause cats to become ill.
    If ingested, the cat may show signs of vomiting or diarrhea, and sometimes (rarely) an abnormal heart rhythm.
    – The toxic principles of this specific succulent are unknown, ingesting this plant can cause clinical signs such as vomiting, depression, and incoordination in cats.
    – The chemical compound in snake plants that can cause irritation is saponin, which is also found in various other plant species.
    The symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea when ingested.


All information about the succulents poisonous to cats was collected from “The Poison Potential of Succulents” and “9 succulent plants poisonous to cats, dogs, or pets”.

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