According to Canadian surgeon Jonathan Bloom, the inability to manage anxious and fearful patients will result in lack of adequate care for the patient and be compromising its health and well-being.
Dr. Bloom made his presentation at the SPVS/Veterinary Management Group Congress 2018 where he stated that veterinary professionals that do not know how to properly deal with stressed dogs and cats will lose the battle with the owners. Such situations, where the veterinarian is reluctant to give the proper physical exam or administer therapy to an angry, stressed animal will make the owner think twice to bring the pet to a vet clinic the next time.


This will lead to missed appointments, skipped dental care, postponed vaccines and overall worsening of the healthcare and welfare of the animal.
Dr. Bloom says that the solution to this problem is the so-called “Fear free movement” that propagates to calm the animals before taking them to the vet.
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