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I am a new homeowner and with that I feel like I have a variety of new opportunities. With all the new space I have, getting a dog felt like the next “adult” choice. So, that’s what I did. Recently, I adopted a five year old Rottweiler mix called Diego. 

Although he is a bit older, Diego has tons of energy. When that energy is spent, he collapses on the floor. Knowing the joint issues that Rottweilers can have, I wanted him to have a safe and comfortable place to rest. 

I came across the Big Barker and decided it would be the perfect fit for Diego. The large size and orthopedic benefits meant Diego could be comfortable and healthy while he lounged. 

I have always had big dogs, and it was always heartbreaking to see them struggle to run or walk the same as their joints weakened over time. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew about the Big Barker as a better option for large or aging dogs to be healthy for longer. 

Big Barker - I Love Veterinary

Overview of the product 

The Big Barker is an orthopedic dog bed that aims to comfort dogs that are more than 50 pounds. As you might gather from the name, the Big Barker is larger than ordinary dog beds. 

The Big Barker is available in three sizes, with or without a headrest, and has a range of colors to keep your gentle giant comfortable and healthy. The bed is designed “keep dogs youthful for longer and bring older dogs back to their best.” 

The sheer size of all the Big Barker variations make it a standout for dog owners. The sizes range from large, extra large, and giant. The largest of the three measures at five feet long and four feet wide. You might even be able to find some comfort on a Big Barker! 

8 years ago, Big Barker’s founder created the company in response to his dog Hank’s health needs for a more joint friendly bed. Now, the company offers a 10 year guarantee of quality for your Big Barker and your dog.


  • Simple design 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Large size
  • Support


  • Can be awkward to move around 
  • The bed takes up a lot of ground if it does not have a dedicated space 

Big Barker orthopedic dog bed - I Love Veterinary

Things to consider before buying a Big Barker 

The Big Barker is specifically aimed at larger dogs to help prevent and rehabilitate joint issues. This particular bed is for serious dog owners who have a large space where the bed can sit. 

If you have a smaller dog, the Big Barker may be overkill. For smaller dogs, consider the Barker Junior. The Junior has a similar engineering design, but is made smaller. As long as you have plenty of space and a big dog in need of some luxury, the Big Barker should be perfect for you. 

It is important to know that for the average dog owner, the Big Barker may feel somewhat expensive. You may find yourself prioritizing dog food, toys, and possible medical treatments. You might treat bedtime as an afterthought as your dog either sleeps on the floor or in your own bed. 

However, it is important to see a bed like the Big Barker as an investment. Joint health issues can go undetected until they are so evident that they may be irreversible. The support and the lasting comfort that the Big Barker can provide may be worth the money to you over time. 

Big Barker large dog beds - I Love Veterinary

Features & Benefits 

The Big Barker and all other products under the brand are 100 percent American made. The quality of the bed was evident as soon as I received it. I ordered the extra large, headrest variation in charcoal gray. 

The bed was tightly rolled in plastic, and popped open into its full size as soon as I ripped off the plastic. As I placed the bed down, I was a little nervous that my dog would not take to it. I recently adopted Diego, and we are still getting used to each other. Diego is part Rottweiler, a breed that is known for its chronic hip issues

Fortunately, Diego only needed light coaxing to make the bed his “spot”. The bed has a slight firmness that provides support and comfort to Diego’s weight without him sinking into it. To me, it is a big deal that Diego found comfort in his new bed so quickly. 

He is still forming a bond with me and becoming comfortable with his surroundings. However, the Big Barker’s comfort was like a magnet for Diego. When we enter my bedroom, Diego hones in on his bed and settles himself quickly. He curls himself into as small of a ball as he can make and he is fast asleep almost instantly. 

Diego is five years old and still has plenty of life and energy in him. Although he shows no sign of joint issues, I am glad that his bed will give him a way to stay healthier longer. Whether it is at bedtime, or after a long walk, the Big Barker has become Diego’s preferred spot in the house. 

The cover can be easily removed for washing. Owning a dog, especially a big dog, can be expensive. I am happy knowing that Big Barker provides a bed that can help Diego have just a hint of “the good life.” A Big Barker bed is a solid investment in your dog’s health and happiness. 

Diego sleeping on Big Barker dog bed - I Love Veterinary


The Big Barker is a large dog bed that hopes to promote and support joint health in dogs. If your dog is large, older, has joint issues, or any combination of those, the Big Barker is specifically designed for joint health and rehabilitation. 

The bed comes in plenty of sizes for even the biggest dogs. The firmness and design of the bed supports a large dog’s weight while still prioritizing comfort. 

Bear in mind that some of the links in this article are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission. We promote BigBarker and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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