Bird Health Awareness Week – 4-10 November

This week we celebrate bird health awareness week. This celebratory week was brought by the USDA as a campaign for biosecurity for birds. Their intention is to raise awareness for all diseases that affect birds and all the various ways to protect them and prevent the spreading of the infections.

Bird Health Awareness WeekThe latest trend in the United States is to raise poultry in backyards and it’s very important for the bird owners to know and learn what are the symptoms of all deadly disease that can affect their birds. Beside this, it’s very important to learn the basic biosecurity measures that need to be taken into consideration when you raise birds. Many diseases that affect birds are zoonosis and can easily be transferred to people and cause a disease to them too.

It is very important to protect the birds by implementing strict hygiene system and vaccinations in order to prevent the spread of various bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus.

It is also very important to protect all birds against exotic infectious diseases like avian influenza and Newcastle disease. You should always have biosecurity measures that will prevent germs from entering the place where the birds live.

Happy Bird Health Awareness Week!