On the 22nd of May, this year, central time, a webinar will be hosted by Robert Jones, Ph.D. and John Volk with a two-hour presentation with the title: “Animal Health Industry: Revolution or Evolution?”

The webinar is supported by Brakke Consulting, a firm that tends to serve the global industries on animal health and animal nutrition. They say that this webinar will focus on the changing nature of the veterinary industry. The consultants will address the changes in animal care and will talk about the evolution in a greater perspective.

Some of the topics that will be covered during the webinar are:

  • the metrics of the industry and its growth
  • the performance of the big companies
  • changes in veterinary medicine and its drivers
  • innovation in veterinary diagnostics
  • consolidation and metrics of the veterinary practices
  • what the future brings, and more.

The presentation will have also a Q&A with the participants.

Make sure you register before May 18th.


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