California law for pet custody

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A brand new law was passed in California that will allow judges to decide who will get custody of the pet or pets in a divorce. The California law for pet custody was signed by Governor Jerry Brown. This new law will consider pets as family members, just like children. Until now, pets were considered property, in the same rank as a car or a tv. In divorce battles, judges were getting creative when they had to decide who will take the pet. They tried to see who the pet likes more.

California law for pet custodyNow, judges will be able to decide who will get custody of the pet by seeing who feeds the pet during the day, who is responsible for the walks, who takes the pet to the vet and other important pet responsibilities. It will be a very important part of the decision making if one of the pet parents is working more than 8 hours a day and if that pet parent has enough time to spend with the pet.

Pets should have a “family member” status in situations like these because that is what they are, our family members on 4 legs.

The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Bill Quirk and was supported by the Governor. The Governor is a big pet supporter and he even has a photo of his dog on his official website.

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