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CBD oil has been a popular topic in the wellness and health community recently. With its popularity, it has made its way into the animal wellness scene as well. CBD oil is a fairly new topic in the world of healthcare, so it can be difficult to find accurate information when it comes to CBD oil for dogs. When used correctly, CBD oil for dogs can be a helpful tool in their general wellness.

 What is CBD oil?

 CBD oil (cannabidiol) is a compound that is found in cannabis and hemp. The majority of CBD oil does not contain THC, so there are no psychoactive properties as found in marijuana (see “Marijuana toxicity in dogs“). It is important to know that most CBD oil is in fact derived from hemp, and not at all from marijuana. There is often speculation behind CBD oil because of the misconception of the relation to marijuana, so it’s important to research the differences in CBD oil and any other psychoactive substance.

How does CBD oil affect dogs?

 Although formal studies of CBD oil for dogs are still in progress, scientists know that CBD oils interact with our nervous system in a way that promotes balance in the body. Like in humans, a dog’s brain is filled with a series of receptors. Cannabinoids interact with these receptors and modulate things like anxiety, nausea, lack of appetite, and pain. Since there are no formal studies on CBD oil for dogs, it can be difficult for doctors to discuss the exact benefits of the oil and its specific uses. Each doctor’s opinion will vary, but amongst the reported successful uses are:

Many pet owners and veterinary professionals have seen great success in adding CBD oil to their healthcare routine. For more information you can read Dog Owner’s Guide to CBD.

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Side effects of CBD Oil

 Listing the potential side effects of CBD oil in dogs can be tough, as there are no official studies of the oil in the veterinary field. Most doctors base any potential side effects of the side effects that are shown in humans. When CBD oil is used in humans, there are a few minor side effects that have been listed. Lowered blood pressure has been exhibited, though it is usually very short acting. Though it passes quickly, there is the potential for a light-headed feeling. Drowsiness is also a potential side effect when using CBD oil. Since CBD oil is used to create a calming effect, it is not completely unexpected that your dog may feel a bit drowsy. Lastly, dry mouth has often been mentioned when using CBD oil. CBD oil can decrease saliva production, leading the mouth to be dry. If this does, in fact, affect dogs, you might expect to see increased thirst. Since there are no official studies of the potential risks of CBD oil in dogs, it is always advised to start your dog on CBD oil in small doses. By using small amounts of the oil, you can hope to prevent any potentially toxic side effects. A discussion with your veterinarian should always happen before starting your dog on any new substances.

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Why use CBD Oil?

 Many pet owners spark an interest in CBD oil for its natural remedies, and the hopes of relying less on medication. While CBD oil should not replace any medication recommended by your veterinarian, many believe that it can be used to bring dogs some additional comfort in certain circumstances. As mentioned above, CBD oil has been found to reduce pain, control nausea, and even stimulate appetite in dogs. CBD oil in dogs has also been linked to relieving more serious conditions like epilepsy and other seizure disorders. Whatever the case may be, CBD oil is becoming a highly considered addition to some pets’ lives. If your dog is suffering from any of the above ailments or symptoms, it is worth a discussion with your veterinarian to see if your dog could benefit from CBD oil.

  CBD oil is making its way into the veterinary community and hopefully will bring with it more thorough research and studies. While this oil still brings with it some questions, it is evident that the positive effects of this oil in dogs are mounting. This topic is opening up the minds of many veterinary professionals, and will hopefully make a positive impact on animal health!

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