This news is about a combination of surgeries to save a dog’s life.
A black Labrador puppy, age 11 months with the name Lottie, was the lucky and unlucky patient of a revolutionary combination of surgical techniques and procedures carried out at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC).

The adorable dog went for a routine spay when the team of veterinary professional discovered that she had several heart conditions with which she was born. Lottie was in the need of open heart surgery to repair the abnormalities of her tricuspid valve and another one to repair the common atrium. Usually, these surgeries are not done all at ones, but for this charming dog, the team of surgeons at the Royal Veterinary College decided to make a miracle.

The team of surgeons was lead by Dr. Dan Brockman, Professor of Small Animal Surgery. In order for the surgery to be successful, they had to stop the dog’s heart for an hour and a half while the circulation to the rest of the body was maintained with the use of a heart-lung machine, and the whole operation took 4 hours to be completed. The team that was involved in this operation was of 10 people, involved in the pre-op care, the surgery, and the post-op care.

We have to be thankful for the existence of veterinary specialists of this kind and always seek the best care possible for our pets. These kind of surgeries are not easy to perform and the success rate is always questionable and depends on the patient, but having a pet insurance helps in these deciding moments when you have to give thousands of dollars to save your pet’s life.

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