CREATE Magic This National Elephant Appreciation Day (22 September)

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What is National Elephant Appreciation Day? 

Give these magnificent and stunning animals the attention they merit on National Elephant Appreciation Day. Given that elephants are the biggest land creatures on the planet, we should set a whole day aside to honor them. 

Tragically, humans are endangering the future of the elephant more and more. So, whether you love elephants or not, set aside some time on September 22 to learn more about these incredible pachyderms.

African Elephant

The Difference Between Asian and African Ellies

Below are the differences between Asian and African Ellies;

  • The ears of the African elephant grow larger.
  • Tusks grow only on the males of the Asian species of elephants. On the other hand, African female elephants can develop tusks just like their male counterparts.
  • An elephant’s trunk is one of the animal’s characteristics that piques our interest. It has an extremely high sensitivity. A little appendage resembling a finger develops at the very tip. Elephants can pick up small twigs, pieces of grass, and other items thanks to an appendage that you can also refer to as a lobe. The lobe of the Asian elephant develops at the very top of the trunk at its very tip. On the other hand, the African elephant develops a lobe at both the top and bottom of its trunk, providing it with enhanced pinching dexterity.
  • Both animals congregate together in herds. The matriarchs are the herds’ primary leaders, including their sisters, daughters, and the young of their offspring. As the guys mature into adulthood, they eventually strike off on their own. The size of herds in Asia is often much smaller than that of herds in Africa.
  • Although both species are herbivores, their diets change depending on the environment in which they live.
  • Elephant musth is a natural hormonal state in male elephants characterized by increased testosterone levels, aggressive behavior, and a strong odor.

How to Celebrate National Elephant Appreciation Day

So, how should you commemorate National Elephant Appreciation Day? What are some activities you might participate in? Everything with an elephant in the title or concept. Innumerable opportunities are available, such as going to the zoo or seeing the movie “Dumbo.”

It is time you learn about various methods to commemorate Elephant Appreciation Day now that you understand why you should appreciate elephants.

Visit Your Local Zoo

Think about going to see the elephants at the zoo if you are fortunate enough to live close to one and they have an exhibit. You will have the opportunity to observe elephant behavior up close, including how they move and how they interact with one another. In addition, it is a wonderful opportunity to help protect elephants.

elephant enclosure at Zurich zoo
Photo courtesy of: Topos Magazine

Share Information About it on Social Media

On average, internet users spend two hours and twenty-four minutes daily engaging in social media-related activities. Please take advantage of this opportunity to help spread the word about how important it is to save elephants. Using this feature, you can share an adorable image of elephants or a post from your preferred organization that works to protect elephants.

Educate Yourself

Acquiring knowledge is one of the most effective ways to show your support for elephants. Educate yourself on the significance of elephant conservation. You will better convey that message to your loved ones and friends. 

You can also educate yourself by reading up on the most recent news about elephants, reading blog entries about elephants, or viewing a video about elephants.

Make a Donation

Joining the herd of heroes is the best way to contribute to the protection of elephants around the clock and every day of the year. 

Through this donation program, you will have the opportunity to make a recurring financial contribution that will support our objective to aid elephants worldwide through research, community service, and educational initiatives.

Create Elephant-Themed Works of Art and Crafts

Simply by making a quick trip to the craft store in your neighborhood, you will be well on your way to producing lovely masks, handprint art, and even adorable T-shirts.

The History of This Observance

There are a lot of annual festivities that have a lengthy, interesting history and tremendous significance all across the world. Is one of them the National Day for the Appreciation of Elephants? Almost certainly not.

The day came into existence in 1996 by Mission Media, a graphics and publishing firm held by the company’s owner, Wayne Hepburn. The paperweight of an elephant that his daughter gave him was the spark that ignited his interest in the subject. The day has some proper respect, even though its history is somewhat ludicrous.

Elephants are undeniably deserving of some degree of admiration and respect from every one of us. They are, after all, the largest terrestrial mammals in the world. Still, unfortunately, several species of elephants face the threat of extinction as a result of environmental conditions as well as the traffic in ivory.

Elephants like to play. Have you witnessed them having a good time while swimming? Their tusks are essential to their survival. 

The hunters jeopardize the continued existence of these magnificent animals because they place a higher value on the ivory than they do on the elephants’ lives. According to the findings of numerous studies, elephants have remarkable memories. 

They can recall important sites across wide stretches of territory. Even after passing a great deal of time, elephants can still recognize the faces of other elephants and even themselves. Even though you occasionally forget things, we strongly advise you not to forget about this holiday!

Asian elephant

FAQs on Elephants

What’s Another Word for an Elephant?

The term “pachyderm” is frequently thrown around in discussions about elephants. On the other hand, the elephant is not the only species of pachyderm that exists around the globe. The now-defunct word referred to a classification of creatures that at one time contained not only pigs and tapirs but also hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses.

Do Elephants Sleep Standing Up?

Although they don’t always do it, elephants do sleep in the upright position. Elephants in captivity spend more time lying down on their backs than their wild relatives.

Reasons to Save Our Ellies

Elephants have one of the most sophisticated consciousnesses of all the animals that live on the same planet as humans and can experience a wide range of feelings. They are among the most intelligent creatures we share this world with. They have decisive cultural importance since people across Africa revere them and share the same terrain. 

This gives them a prominent place in African society. Elephants, as symbols of Africa, are powerful draws for tourists who contribute financially to conserving the African wilderness. They are also keystone species because of their significant role in biodiversity conservation within the habitats in which you find them.

Elephants will use their tusks to dig holes in the ground in search of water during the dry season. Not only does this make it possible for elephants to thrive in arid regions and when droughts occur, but it also makes it possible for other creatures living in challenging conditions to access water.

When elephants in the wild eat, they leave gaps in the surrounding foliage. These spaces allow new plant life to emerge and provide passageways for other, more diminutive species. Elephants are also a significant factor in tree seed dissemination; certain species depend only on elephants for this process.

In the savannahs, elephants that eat tree saplings and bushes play an essential role in maintaining the broad plains necessary for the survival of the plains game that lives in these environments.

Elephants leave behind poo rich in seeds from the various plants that make up their diet wherever they call home. The seeds in this feces sow when they deposit and grow into new grasses, bushes, and trees, improving the ecosystem’s health in the savannah.

asian elephant grazing in a field

The Importance of National Elephant Appreciation Day

Help Protect Them

The number of elephants that remain in the wild has been dropping dramatically due to hunting. We can count ourselves fortunate that groups such as the World Wildlife Fund and the International Elephant Foundation are devoting significant resources to the cause of elephant conservation in Africa and Asia.

They’re Emotional

If you give an elephant a tiny bit of your attention for a short period, it won’t be difficult to feel attached. Elephants can exhibit many emotions, including fear, joy, excitement, and grief. They also have a strong sense of community, which indicates that they are more similar to people than you may anticipate.

Elephants Have Respect

The term “respect” for an elephant refers to age and experience rather than aggressive behavior. Many elephants gravitate toward the oldest female because it is the most knowledgeable about where to get food and shelter.

Elephant Appreciation Day Trivia

  • Indeed, an elephant never forgets. This is because the portion of their brain known as the hippocampus, which is responsible for the storage of memories, is so huge in elephants.
  • Did you know that elephants have the greatest brains of any terrestrial animal in terms of pure mass? 
  • Speaking of brains, did you know that elephants have the largest brains?
  • The brain size of a newborn elephant has just reached 35% of its possible size, which means that elephants have a tremendous capacity for learning as they mature and advance in their development.
  • Since elephants have such large brains, which indicates that they are highly intelligent and gregarious animals, because of their unique language, it is simple for them to forge strong connections with members of their species and those of other species.
  • Elephants are one of the few animals conscious of their existence. Like humans, apes, and dolphins, elephants can recognize their reflections in a mirror.
  • World Elephant Day is every year on 22 September. Its inception was from the desire to draw attention to the precarious situation facing African and Asian elephants around the globe.
  • They have roughly 40,000 muscles and tendons in their trunks, and it takes them about a year to learn how to use them properly. Even when they are nursing, the trunk of a young elephant will have the appearance of a worm on the end of a hook, according to Adam Stone. He is the director of elephant husbandry at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. 
  • Even though they weigh thousands of pounds (kilograms), they are incredibly agile and swift. They are capable of up to 35 miles (56.3 kilometers) per hour, can come to a complete halt in the blink of an eye, and can traverse mountain ranges without difficulty.
  • They adhere to the social order of their group, which deviates from the norm for the animal kingdom because they follow the oldest female. They do this because she has the best memory and knows that she will see where the food is, where the haven is, and where to go if there is a storm.
  • Elephants in their natural habitat live well into their forties. They can live much longer when they are in captivity.
  • The eyelashes of elephants are far longer than those of any other mammal. They come in at about 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) each.
Matriarch elephant cow in nature


The purpose of the festival, known as National Elephant Appreciation Day, is to honor and celebrate one of the largest terrestrial creatures that exist on Earth today, the elephant. 

It is not only a day to celebrate these amazing creatures but also an excellent day to reflect on what every one of us can do to safeguard these animals before we no longer find them anywhere on the earth. And no one wishes for the extinction of these magnificent animals anywhere in the world.

Anyone interested in these enormous beasts might think about celebrating this festival because it falls on this day. Let us all honor our elephants!