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Being man’s best friend’s doctor is a huge responsibility. Every pet owner looks to you as the person who is going to heal their pet’s ailments and nurse them back to health.

Naturally, you will have a passion for animals, and like your peers in the human medical field, for whom a surgeon’s scrub caps are to them like a fighter pilot’s call sign is to them. Why not show off your individual veterinary practice’s personality by investing in your very own pair, or two of animal scrub tops.

What’s in a Scrub Top?

Enter circa the 20th century where surgeons performed their duties in strict business attire. They might have worn aprons and other jackets during examinations and surgeries to protect their clothing from stains and messes.

Traditionally, surgeons and other health care providers were seen parading their white, messed scrubs with pride until the 1970’s when the green set of scrub tops and bottoms were introduced. Subsequently, the cold, stark white scrubs became a thing of the past.

Reviewing the Top Performers

Scrubs and Beyond is a market-leading scrubs store when it comes to cute printed scrub tops. We will add a listicle below of the top performers:

I’ve Goat This. If you have a fun, humorous side, this is the perfect fit for you. Part of the Dickies scrubs collection. Suited for the petite built staff member of the veterinary practice. Flutter and melt the hearts of everyone with these cute printed scrubs for women.

It comprises a beautiful turquoise backdrop and printed billy goats everywhere. Available in XS only. The velvety-soft fabric makes for a perfect partner to accompany a long shift.


WonderWinks Origins Doggy Day V-Neck Print Scrub. If you like a statement top, that is busy and is emblematic of your individual personality, you will love this short-sleeved v-neck shirt.

Awash with doggies and dots in different colors. Every time you pull that top over your head, you will feel the energy that goes along with it.

Mix and match options with pink, blue, grey, and any color scrub pants to complete this color match with. This is an extremely versatile set of dog scrub tops. The biggest drawing card of this particular scrub top is the spacious pockets located on either side.

Perfect to rest your hands in, or to keep your essential tools on hand. Available in sizes XS to 2XL.


I Hug Pugs V-Neck Print Top. This short-sleeved Cherokee v-neck top comes in sizes XXS to 3XL. Suited to almost every body type.

Due to the fact that this top comes in a variety of sizes, the whole female staff compliment can be kitted out with these sets of scrubs for women. Who does not want pugs with bright flowers displayed on their workwear?

It is created and sewn together, using a soft, flexible material and finished off with enough pocket space in the four compartments to suit every taste.SEE DETAILS  

Carhartt Cross-Flex Gallop Grace V-Neck Print Scrub Top. Love horses? Equine vet? This top is a match made in horsey heaven. It caters for the curvy girl and is one of the most comfortable plus size scrub tops.

A perfect trifecta of grey, turquoise, and white galloping beauties with long mane hair greets you in this top. These women’s scrub tops are available and come ready to order in size 3XL.


Totally Pawsome Print Top.  This top is perfectly suited to the fun-loving animal girl that loves animals and cartoons. Made with flexible fabric, and a highly-favored scrub top patterns.

This brilliant top is so adaptable in color, that it can be worn with any bottoms.


Unconditional Love V-Neck Print Top.  This exquisite v-neck, short-sleeved, deep blue shirt comes covered in doggies and kitties of all shapes, breeds, and colors. 

Very stylish, and whimsical at the same time. The springy material that the scrub top is sewn with, will provide freedom of movement, for the workday ahead, in any situation. The two cheeky, and cute pockets located at the front, provide a funky, modern twist to the scrub top.

Available in sizes XXS to 5X.


Meow or Never Pink Party Print Top. If you love the color pink and felines, then this is the ultimate choice for you, without a doubt! Bright Barbie Pink scrub top with feline outlines and meows everywhere. 

Available in sizes XXS to 2X every feline lover will be well-satisfied with the results in how this scrub top shapes the figure, by enhancing the power of the princess seams, located both in the back and the front of the scrub top.

The stretchy fabric composition makes this a popular product for everyday work attire.


Pretty Pug V-Neck Print Top. A short-sleeved v-neck darling scrub top. Comes in a beautiful grey backdrop, and plenty of pugs awash in pink, white, and black hues.

It is an excellent choice in scrubs for women who want to feel cute all day long, whilst at work, doing what they love. This particular scrub top is highly-rated in both categories of quality and mobility. 

It presents the wearer with ample pocket space for the necessities. Available in sizes M, 2XL, and 3XL.


Shaded Pets V-Neck Print Top. A sweet, and endearing scrub top with an array of dogs and cats printed against a royal blue backdrop.

It is worth mentioning that all the scrub tops are not limited to just the veterinary practice and can be worn to many different professions, like a Paediatrician’s practice.

Available to order in size 3XL.


Dickies EDS We Stick Together Scrub Top. a Comfortable and flexible shirt with a cute and funky print on all things girls’ love like shoes, stethoscopes, etc.

It comes ready to order with a navy blue backdrop, complemented by a series of polka dots. Available in sizes XXS to M.


Considerations for the Purchase of Scrubs For Women

  • Rather invest more into scrub tops of higher quality, as opposed to a pair or a top that is less expensive. You don’t want to find yourself in the position of having to constantly buy new scrub tops due to compromising on quality and having to wear tops that are faded.
  • When you find yourself in two minds as to whether to choose a modern or traditional scrub top, it is always recommended to opt for the choice that is best suited to your personality, and with which you will feel most comfortable with.
  • Neck cuts and designs. There are a few different styles of neck designs that are associated with scrub tops. V-neck, u-shape, and split neck are a few examples. 

If your employer is not too concerned and does not have a preference, try a few to find the style that is most appealing to you.

  • To chest pocket, or not to chest pocket. This will depend on whether you intend to load the pocket with items. If you tend to load the pocket with items, it is recommended to rather not opt for pockets. Loading the pockets can add additional strain on the neck.
  • Color preferences will again boil down to employer, and, or personal preference. If your employer does not play a role in this decision, we suggest opting for darker colors, as they hide stains better than their lighter counterparts.

Dogs at vet - I Love Veterinary

Top Ten Tips to Care for Your Scrub Tops

  • After purchasing every new set of scrubs or a scrub top, first, pre-treat them by combining cold water and ½ cup of vinegar. This will ensure the longevity of the color of your scrubs and protect it against fading in the future.
  • Keep your scrubs confined to their own pile. The care sheet of these garments are different in comparison to your normal clothes, in that it needs to be disinfected properly, after every wear.
  • Make use of a color-friendly stain remover before adding to the washing machine. This way you will target the stain without compromising the color of the scrubs in the long run, and risking fade.
  • Start the first washing cycle by turning your scrubs the wrong way around and washing it on a heavy load cycle, in cold water, and with regular detergent. Remove from the wash and inspect.
  • The second wash cycle will consist of using a color-safe bleach and a large load, hot water cycle. 
  • Dry your scrubs on the highest heat cycle of your clothes drier for 30 minutes, this will eliminate the remainder of the germs and bacteria, should any be prevalent. 

Cat at surgery, Cute Scrub Tops with Animal Prints - I Love Veterinary

  • Should your clothes come out of the drier, completely free of wrinkles, it is still suggested that you iron it with a hot iron. There might be bacteria still present that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This will ensure an extra barrier against it.
  • Remove any loose threads and fix any small holes that might be present, to avoid further tear and damage.
  • Wear your scrubs tops only when you are at work. Keep a separate plastic bag in your locker to transport your clothes home to get cleaned.
  • Do not apply perfume directly to the surface of your scrubs. Only use deodorants and perfumes on direct skin. The oils and alcohol contained in these products might cause odors and bad discolorations to your scrubs, which might be hard to remove later as they tend to cake.

The final bark

Now you don’t have to just own the boring, old, and mundane veterinary scrub tops anymore. Spruce up your working wardrobe by adding a few, fun animal inspired scrub tops. Even the pet owners and the animals will love you, and your staff compliment for it.