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CVBC Bans Onychectomy

The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia has joined the UK, Europe, and Australia in the banishment of the surgical procedure known as onychectomy, or partial digital amputation/declawing of domestic cats. This is the second Canadian province to join the condemnation of this practice. cat claw

The CVBC gave a statement that they decided to ban onychectomy because when it comes to elective declawing, and there is no medical reason for it, they have an ethical problem. They strongly believe that this is not the way to “correct” bad feline behavior. They claim that in the case of medical necessity, or in circumstances when it is needed for diagnostics, exceptions will be made based on the opinion of a certified veterinarian.

The CVMA does not regulate all the veterinarians in Canada and can’t force all of them to accept this ethic, but strongly encourages them to ban the procedure in their clinics.

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