Sperm whales, or also known as cachalots, are the largest of the group of toothed whales and at the same time the largest toothed predator. The sperm whales are pelagic mammals that live all around the world, and they are willing to migrate for food and mating.

Female sperm whales give birth every 4 to 20 years and take care of their calf for over a decade.
The males have an average of 16 meters in length.

A young male sperm whale washed up dead on the southeastern coast of Spain, near Cabo de Palos.
The locals were concerned for the reasons of his death and a necropsy was performed. The necropsy showed that the poor animal had a stomach full of garbage, more exact trash bags, ropes, nets, sacks, and among everything A DRUM. The official cause of death is stated to be peritonitis or inflammation of the abdominal lining due to all the garbage in its system.

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