The minister for tourism and wildlife in Kenya announced that they are tired of the poachers and that a new measure for preserving their wildlife is about to be enforced.

According to Mr. Balala, the minister for tourism and wildlife, life in jail and fines are not sufficient in the fight against the poacher that are killing innocent animals every day. In a desperate effort to preserve the wildlife in Kenya, once the law is passed the poachers will face the death penalty.

Just last year, the poachers took the lives of 69 elephants (out of 34 000) and of 9 rhinos (out of 1000).

With the Wildlife Conservation Act, the penalty till now was life in prison or a fine of 200 000 US dollars. This apparently was not sufficient to deter the poachers away from the animals.

This may put Kenya in conflict with the United Nations (UN). The UN is against the death penalty for any crime worldwide. But the Kenyans are desperate…

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