Deciding to get a pet and how to select the perfect breed for you

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Before you get a pet, a dog or a cat, in this case, make sure that you are ready and up for the challenge. This is a major decision that will impact all aspects of your life and it’s quite important that you fully understand the responsibilities and the costs of proper pet ownership before introducing the new family member in the home. If you are all aware of this, then it’s time to make a decision about what kind of pet and breed suits your lifestyle the best.
So, let’s see what you need to know about deciding to get a pet and how to select the perfect breed for you.


the perfect breed for youBefore choosing a dog you need to take a few factors in consideration and think about your current lifestyle and the possible adjustments you will be willing to make. If you or anyone else in your family has an issue with allergies it’s best to opt for low shedding dogs and hypoallergenic breeds such as Border Terrier, Basenji, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Viszla etc.

Next thing is to think about the space in your home. If you live in a narrow space where the dog can’t easily move around and wag its tail without getting injured, then it is best to adopt a small-breed dog. Keep in mind that smaller dogs also require obedience training, frequent exercises and can be delicate and vulnerable to handle. They are quite sensitive to cold temperatures so keeping them warm is of utmost importance. Larger breeds need more space and preferably a yard where they can spend their daily energy. Getting a big dog will mean that the expenses for dog food and supplies, as well as medical treatment,  will be higher in comparison to smaller dogs.

All dogs need their routine exercise to stay healthy, happy and fit. Regardless of the size and the breed of the dog you need to provide this. Lower energy dogs such as English Bulldogs or Basset Hounds will be satisfied with two walks per day and they are the perfect fit for busy people. On the other hand, if you want a constant jogging partner you may be looking for a Border Collie instead.


 the perfect breed for youCats are not so differentiated according to breed like dogs are according to most. However, breeds possess different characteristics suitable for different types of households and people. Ragdolls and Birmans are friendly cats so if you have children they are the perfect fit for you. Next thing to consider is a character. You can decide from the lazy Manx and Exotic to the trouble-makers Japanese bobtail or European Burmese. Active cats that require more attention such as American curl or Siamese are good for people that have a lot of spare time to spend with their cats.

The final pick

There are a lot of online quizzes which will help you determine which the best dog/cat breed is for you. There is always the option of going in an animal shelter and meeting the perfect match. Getting to meet your new furry friend in person will help you make a fast decision only by the way they look at you.


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