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Do Not Touch The Orangutans!

What do you know about orangutans rehabilitation?

While reading the Vet Society blog we stumbled upon another article about the jungle of Borneo and the rehabilitation of orangutans.
orangutan baby hanging upside downThe article talks about why it is very important to not touch or have any close interaction with these wild animals.
Many people would say “what is the point of going all the way across the World to save animals and not to be allowed to touch them?”.
Well, as the article explains beautifully, we cannot touch them and hug them simply because we can do a lot of harm to them. These orangutans can contract many diseases from humans such as the cold, the herpes virus and many others and this can be fatal for them. Especially for young orangutans with an underdeveloped immune system. Not to mention that these young orangutans are in the wildlife rehab because somehow their mother is dead, and the stress of not being with their mother makes them even more vulnerable and susceptible to diseases.
At this point, being young and alone also has an effect on the mental and psychological development of the orangutans.

Want to know more about these orangutans?

Read more about the rehabilitation efforts for orangutans and The Great Orangutan Project on The Vet Society blog.

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