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Dog dies from salt water poisoning

It’s Summer and we all want to include our beloved fur buddies in the fun activities at the beach.
That is what Chris did with his dog but it happened to be fatal.
Several hours playing at the beach can be very dangerous for dogs because they will get tired and hot from the Sun and of course, will want to cool down by drinking water. If there no available fresh water for drinking they will not think twice to drink the salty sea water. dog black labrador

O.G was a black Labrador retriever that lost his life due to salt water poisoning. After drinking too much salt water, the level of sodium in his body became so high that started to affect his brain resulting in seizures. Before the seizures, he experienced vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, confusion and then seizures.
According to the emergency veterinary services located near large bodies of salty water, this is a very common occurrence.
It is very important to limit the time spent on the beach with your dog for a maximum of 2 hours and have fresh water brakes every 30 minutes in order to prevent drinking salty water.

Read O.G.’s story HERE.

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