Foxtail is a cluster of grass that has the ultimate purpose to disperse its seeds as a unit. This peculiar grass seed system is very dangerous to dogs. Most dogs when they encounter foxtail, they either sniff it or step on it, sometimes it gets in their ears. With sniffing foxtail, this clever grass cluster travels upon the nasal passages and get lodged inside. If stepped on it, it can stab the space between the toes and open a canal through which will travel only one way: straight. This grass Is so dangerous because it doesn’t go back. And is especially dangerous when it’s dry.

The symptoms of inhaled foxtail are usually sneezing (also reverse sneezing) and bleeding from the nose. If lodged in soft tissue, it will form an abscess. If the foxtail is in the ear, the symptom will be constant itching and shaking of the head. Always seek veterinary care if you suspect foxtail.

This unique story is about a 2-year-old chocolate Labrador named Moose. He was not so lucky when he met this evil grass. Moose inhaled the foxtail and the foxtail traveled right into his lung. This ended up with a much-needed surgery, and unfortunately with a lung removal. But, after 5 days rest at the hospital, Moose is ready for new challenges.

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