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Let’s Have Some Fun With Some Dog Park Pick-up Lines 🙂

two dogs playing in the grass

You’re at the dog park with your gorgeous dog and there comes another gorgeous dog that instantly approaches yours and they start sniffing each other, tails wagging, and instantly plays. Seems like dog park pick-up lines to us!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like flirting in the dog world? We all know the cheesy pick-up lines we use, but naturally, dog pick-up lines are always funnier 🙂

Let’s take a moment to imagine dogs talking while playing and sniffing each other. Can you even deal with the funny and cute animal pick-up lines?

We prepared a funny infographic with the cutest and cheesiest pick-up lines that dogs might use on each other in the dog park. Check it out and have some laughs 🙂

dog park pick up lines infographic I Love Veterinary
  • Is it warm out here, or are you in heat?
  • You had me at ruff.
  • I am looking for a leash-free relationship.
  • You can pee on my fire hydrant all night long.
  • Haven’t I sniffed you someplace before?
  • Do you pee here often?
  • Did you win “best in show”? Because you sure are a winner to me.
  • I must be a Dog Tick because I’m stuck on you.
  • Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day with a frisbee in your mouth.
  • Are you a Veterinary card? ‘Coz I am checking you out!
  • You must be my backyard because I dig you!
dog digging hole in sand at the beach
  • Yeah, I love to chase my tail. Butt, I would much rather chase yours!
  • What is that scent you are wearing? Kennel #5?
  • Hey gurrrlll…do you wanna help me bury my bone?
  • My favorite position is Doggy Style – how about yours?
  • Is your tail always wagging, or are you just happy to see me?
  • If peeing on me makes you happy, consider it my Valentine’s Day gift to you!
  • Do you want to play tug-of-war sometime?
  • I may not look like Lassie, but I know how to lick!
  • Hey Baby, howl ya doin’?
  • Sup yo? Ya looking kinda fetching!
  • Knick-knack, Paddy-whack, you just gave this dog a bone(r)!
  • Your doghouse or mine?
dog in dog house window with bone
  • I had to cross all the dog parks in this state – just to find you.
  • I don’t bite…unless you call for it!
  • I am looking for a no-leash-attached relationship.
  • Babe, you are cuter than a puppy at a shelter – coz I wanna take you home to Momma.
  • Dude, do you have some bug spray – I have butterflies in my tummy.
  • Take me to the loony bin – because you are bacon me crazy!
  • I’ll be your tramp, if you will be my lady?!
  • I’m a Poodle in the streets, but a Bulldog in the sheets.
  • Your booty is 70% water, and I am thirsty.
  • You’re cute, can I keep you?
  • Baby, I put the STD in stud! Now all I need is U!
  • Have I ever told you that you smell like love?
  • Doggy style? I invented it!
  • Hey Lady, do you want to lick my bone?
  • Doggy heaven must be missing an Angel!
  • Touch my doggy vest. Do you know what that is made of? Boyfriend material!
  • If you and I were socks, we would make a great pair!
  • The sparkle in your eyes are so bright, the stars must be jealous.
  • Hi! My name is Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again?
  • Girl, if you were a steak, you’d be well done!
  • Can I follow you home? My parents always told me to follow my dreams!
  • Do you play ball? Because you are a keeper!
two dogs getting married being photographed by a cat
  • I would never play hide and seek with you, someone like you is impossible to find.
  • Your paw looks heavy. Can I hold it for you?
  • Did you sit in a pile of sugar, because you had a pretty damn fine ass!

Dogs are the best, right? Do you know any other funny or cheesy puppy and/or dog pick-up lines? Feel free to share them with us here in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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We also have a fun infographic about “Veterinary pick-up lines“; check it out on our blog. Do you know any other cool veterinary pick-up lines? Let us know in the comments or message us on Facebook.

Let’s spice up the blog with some veterinary and animal love 🙂

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