Dog Training Education Month – February 2019

The month of February is dedicated to dog training and the importance of starting it when your dog is still a little puppy.

dachshund dog trainingSo you decided to get a dog, picked it up from the breeder or the shelter and brought it home. After two days of him/her adjust to the new environment you realize it’s a little rascal that wants to chew on your couch and slippers. What should you do? Proper dog training.

Starting with puppy classes will teach your little rascal how to communicate with other puppies and dogs (early socialization is key to proper development), with new people and new unknown places. These puppy classes can be very helpful when it comes to teaching your pup not to chew on anything and how to properly use to potty pads. These classes will help your puppy become a well-mannered, socialized and behaved dog.

Having a good behaved and trained dog is a lifelong investment. Being able to go anywhere with your well-behaved dog is priceless. And let’s not forget, dog’s love to please and to respond to commands. So teach your dog lots of commands and have fun together.

Happy Dog Training Education Month!


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