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All About Doggie Lawn 

Have you ever come back home to a mess you didn’t create yourself? How did it feel? If you own a pet and are usually busy to the extent you have to leave for hours, you definitely know how that feels. You must have come home one day or on several occasions to an unpleasant stink in places you cannot find at first, or when you locate them, they are challenging to clean.

Thank heavens, there is a perfect solution–the Doggie Lawn. This is some kind of litter box that can serve as your indoor dog potty. It comes as a subscription-based plot with natural grass that you can pay for monthly.

Once you get it, you can train your furry friend to use it. If you have never heard about this heaven-sent solution, you are in the right place. This detailed Doggie Lawn review will teach you everything you need to know about this dog turf. Please read to the end to learn more.

What is the Purpose of Doggie Lawn?

The idea of a Doggie Lawn  is straightforward. It offers a fresh grass patch that you can use inside your home. It is usually ideal for pet parents living in apartments or usually works away from home for long hours.

The Doggie Lawn acts as an indoor doggie toilet where your dog can pee and poop. This reduces dog stress levels and eliminates any accidents that you may have to clean up. Here are the things you can use the Doggie Lawn for:

  • You can use it to train your puppy or older dogs.
  • The pads are ideal for pet parents living in high-rise buildings or apartments.
  • The Doggie Lawn comes in handy during extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, rain, and blizzards.
  • They are also crucial for dogs undergoing vaccination shots.
  • You can use them if you have dogs that are incontinent or arthritic.
  • They are the go-to solution for pet parents that have busy schedules.
  • The pads are also crucial for pet owners who have trouble going outside.
  • You can also use it when traveling with your dog.
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Why is Doggie Lawn Better?

Did you know your canine can tell the difference between fake grass and actual dog grass patches? Moreover, when you use an artificial grass patch, you should be ready to wash it and empty the catch pan weekly.

Experts also warn that potty pads usually create a massive environmental burden because they need more energy to produce. Furthermore, the pads don’t break down in landfills. There are also instances when owners have complained that the mats leak and stain floors.

On the other hand, the Doggie Lawn is better because it does not require maintenance and is biodegradable. They are also very eco-friendly and have less odor. More importantly, your furry friend will love this lawn. The lawn takes advantage of your pup’s instinct to poop and pee on natural grass.

Because it takes advantage of your dog’s instinct to use fresh grass, it is easier to train your furry friend to use it. You will not take long to train your dog on how to use it.

The lawn has fresh grass and comes with a free training kit and poop bags with the first delivery. You will also receive a pair of complementary gloves in the successive deliveries. Moreover, DoggieLawn claims that the lawn absorbs urine and breaks down odors.

Here is why DoggieLawn is better:

  • It uses natural grass not to confuse your dog when you take it outside during walks.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It comes with different size options, including standard, medium, large and x-large.
  • The lawn is disposable, so you will not have to handle the mess of cleaning.
  • The supplier offers after-sales service in the form of free consultation and training.
  • The lawn is versatile, and you can use it outside and inside.
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The Doggie Lawn Three-Step Process

DoggieLawn is a subscription service, and you need to undergo a three-step process to get started. The steps include:

Step 1: Sign Up and Choose the right size

Signing up on DoggieLawn is a straightforward process, and it allows you to cancel your subscription anytime. After signing up, you need to select a subscription plan that best works for you. 

All the DoggiLawn sizes come with free shipping. You can pick from the plans below:

DoggieLawn PlanSize (in inches)Features
Standard24 x 16For dogs less than 15 pounds.Ideal for limited spaces.
Medium24 x 20Suitable for dogs weighing 10 – 30 pounds.Lasts longer due to the added size.
Large24 x 24Suitable for dogs weighing 20 – 50 pounds.Training is easier because of its large size.
XL24 x 48Ideal for several dogs or those weighing 40 pounds or more.It is the most popular size.

After selecting a plan, you will also have to state how frequently you would love your DoggieLawn to be delivered. Each plan has a different subscription fee. You can choose weekly, fortnightly, three-week, or four-week intervals.

You also have to state whether you will need a tray. You can disregard this section if you already have a tray. Choosing a tray attracts additional costs for the tray. Then you have to agree to the site’s terms and privacy policy to check out. You must also provide your details and shipping information.

Step 2: Get Your Grass

After choosing your plan and making the payment, you will receive your doggie grass patch at your doorstep. It usually comes ready to use. Please select a suitable location to place it where your furry friend can easily access it.

Step 3: Relax

As per the frequency you select, you will get another shipment of the dog potty grass patch to swap the current one regularly. After you receive the fresh dog pee grass, throw out the old indoor dog potty in a green compost bin. It is the most straightforward clean-up you can think of.

How can Doggie Lawn be Used?

DoggieLawn was a concept conceived to help make the lives of pet owners simpler when it comes to their pet’s potty time. The idea of the lawns was brought about by individuals who had busy schedules making it hard for them to walk their dogs.

The good thing about DoggieLawn is that you will get what you order. The delivery is hydroponic–grown grass. Lay the grass down in your preferred location where your dog can access it. The grass will arrive when it is fresh, green, and healthy, and the growth is medium clean.

After you have placed it in a suitable location, you have to train your dog to use it. Ensure you set the grass pad on a plastic tray to avoid any excess pee from staining your floor. Suppose you don’t know how to get your pup to use it; that is not a big deal. The lawn comes with a training manual.

One way you can get your dog to use the grass pad if it is stubborn is by scenting it with its urine. Once the grass starts turning brownish, it is time to dispose of the grass pad and replace it with fresh good quality grass.

What are the Benefits of Doggie Lawn?

There are numerous benefits associated with using the DoggieLawn for your furry friend. Here are the most notable benefits:

  • It enables you to create an indoor doggy toilet made of hydroponic grass that is dirt-free.
  • Experts claim that dogs prefer natural grass to artificial grass. DoggieLawn helps you take advantage of this dog’s instinct. Therefore, it is easier for them to accept the grass pad as their poop and pee area.
  • The grass, since it is alive, absorbs the dog’s urine. The lawn also comes with a plastic tray to ensure that it holds any excess urine.
  • Moreover, the grass usually absorbs the smell of the dog’s pee and poop. In your cleaning routine, you should scoop up any solids and dispose of them hygienically.
  • You will also benefit from the lawn’s versatility. You can use it inside and outside or anywhere else you can think of.
  • The lawn is environmentally friendly because you can recycle them or compost them after use.
  • It is available in four different sizes suitable for different occasions. All subscriptions include free shipping.
  • You can also benefit from the company’s after sale’s service. For instance, suppose you are having trouble getting your furry friend to use the dog bathroom, you can contact the customer care team for training tips and support.
  • You can also use the lawn for other pets like rabbits and cats.

The Doggie Lawn Grass

The grass used by DoggieLawn is fresh, natural, and biodegradable. It is expressly formulated and hydroponically grown to work flawlessly as an indoor dog potty. It can also be used on balconies as a fresh dog potty area.

The grass weighs a little more than a half as standard pet turf making it easy to lift. It is also soilless, so it is dirt-free, and you would not have to worry about worms.  

The DoggieLawn grass is also eco-friendly and natural. When you receive the grass package, the first thing you will notice is its freshness. Disposing of the grass is also easy because it is biodegradable, meaning you can dispose of it at your nearest compost can.

How Does Doggie Lawn Give Back?

DoggieLawn gives back by supporting several pet rescue organizations. They usually donate an item from each dog grass potty subscription bought to one of the pet rescue organizations they partner with. Therefore, when you spend your money on the litter box for dogs, you will be helping DoggieLawn support a noble cause.

The organizations they work with are those that help transition dogs from their foster care to a loving home where they will stay forever. When you purchase a subscription, it triggers a donation in the form of gifts. It could be a brush, collar, leash, toy, or any other item.

The company also promises to increase the number of pet shelters it supports as it continues to grow. The organizations DoggieLawn supports include:

  • NKLA
  • Love & Leashes
  • Much Love Animal Rescue
  • Lovebugs Rescue
  • The Dawn Squad
  • Lange Foundation – animal rescue, care, and placement
  • Karma Rescue
  • I.C.A.R.E Dog Rescue.

Doggie Lawn Reviews

When you read DoggieLawn reviews from current customers, you will be encouraged to go for the product if you are not using it. The product has received a five-star rating from clients on Amazon with is a leading online store.

One of the things that all the clients talk about in their reviews is that the grass usually arrives when green and fresh. Moreover, they state that what is advertised is what you will get. Users also love the fact that the delivery is fast and the grass stays green for a while. Most of them highly recommend the product to other pet parents.

Another thing that stands out from multiple Doggie Lawn reviews is that the lawn is very convenient and easy to maintain. Some pet parents testify how their stubborn furry friends learned how to use the indoor doggie toilet in a short time.  

Some customers were also happy with the fact that the box used for the package comes with a lining on the inside. As a result, they could just use it without requiring them to have a plastic tray. The general feeling from customer reviews is that this is a product worth using.

Some Doggie Lawn FAQs

Will your Dog Like the DoggieLawn?

According to experts, dogs prefer to do their business on real, natural grass. They suggest that dogs usually love the smell and feel of real grass because it feels natural. On many occasions, they will start using it with minimal training. If your dog is fussy, you can get it to use the lawn with some reinforcement.

You can encourage them by offering them a treat every time you see them using the lawn for the first few times. Once they get hooked, you will enjoy the simplicity of the DoggieLawn system.

However, it requires patience and consistency like other new pet routines. DoggieLawn offers a free consultation to make the transition smoother for you and your pup.

How is DoggieLawn Different From Sod?

DoggieLawn grass offers a durable matting of roots and fertile soil. Moreover, the structure below the grass is ideal for absorbing liquids like urine. Therefore, if you use it as per the directions, you will not have to deal with bad odor and leakages.

There are also local varieties from the eastern and central parts of the US. They are usually more economical.

How does the DoggieLawn Grass work?

It is very simple actually! Just go online and select an appropriate subscription and sign up online. When your grass patch arrives, it will have free disposable gloves. Use them to unroll the hydroponic grass onto your tray.

Maintaining the Doggie Lawn is also simple. Ensure you remove pet solids daily. When the next shipment is delivered, put on your gloves to remove the old grass and dispose of it accordingly. Then, unroll the fresh grass onto your tray, and you are good to go.

How Long Will the Grass Stay Alive?

The grass can survive indefinitely if it gets water, light, and no dogs using it. Even if it reaches your location with some shock from the travel, it quickly comes back if you treat it right. If your dog uses the dog potty area frequently, then the lawn will last a shorter time.

However, if you have a single dog and uses the lawn normally, it could last between one to four weeks. So how long the lawn lasts depends on how frequently it is used, how many dogs are using it, and the urine amount. The more of these factors, the shorter the lifespan.

Moreover, you should remember that the color of the grass is not very critical as many pet parents believe. If you took your dog out on a walk, it would pee on yellow grass, a patch of dirt, or even a pole. If you are worried your grass is not entirely green, just remember that your furry friend is color blind!

Must you Water the Grass?

It is advisable to water the DoggieLawn as required since your dog might not like walking on wet grass. However, a little watering will help extend the lawn’s lifespan if you live in a hotter environment. It would be best if you remembered that, should the grass for whatever reason turn brown, your dog will continue using it. You are the only one that worries about grass color; your canine does not!

Is it Normal for Your Grass to Smell Like Dirt?

Absolutely! It is normal for your lawn to smell like dirt. It is natural grass, remember? That’s the reason your dog loves it. However, it is understandable if the earthy smell is too much for you. Suppose that is the case, consider using the Odor Remover Spray, which is safe for the grass and your furry friend.  

Where can you buy Doggie Lawn From?

You can buy the Doggie Lawn from several online outlets depending on your location. You can also purchase it directly from the DoggieLawn website. One of the most notable online platforms that sell the Doggie Lawn is Amazon, you can find the links below.

If you have a Doggie Lawn promo code you might enjoy some discounts.

To this point, you now have enough information about the Doggie Lawn. You can now comfortably explain to a friend what the purpose of the litter box for dogs is. You can also handle the Doggie Lawn vs. fresh path conversation because you understand what the two are.

If you have read this review blow by blow, you also know why the Doggie Lawn is better for your furry friend. This review has also enlightened you on the Doggie Lawn three steps and how to use the lawn. You are also aware of the benefits of the Doggie Lawn compared to artificial grass.

The review has also covered in detail how Doggie Lawn gives back to society and highlights some current client reviews. If you have a busy schedule that you cannot walk your dog or live in an apartment without a backyard, you now have a solution. Head to one of the online outlets that sell the Doggie Lawn and place your order now! It will be worth your while.

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