A recent study, conducted by the veterinarians at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich, showed that a high intake of phosphorus can damage the kidney function in a cat. This is compared to the average levels of phosphorus in prepared cat food. cat eating

The research was led by Professor Ellen Kienzle and Dr. Britta Dobenecker. They were inspired to do this research because of the numbers that show that around 35% of older cats suffer from chronic kidney disease. Their research suggests that the excess amount of phosphorus in a cat’s diet can have a horrifying effect on their kidneys in the long run. Their study is essentially a confirmation of a previous one suggesting the same outcome.

They tested several brands of commercial food for cats and found out that the moist cat food contains several times more phosphorus than what is required for a healthy cat. They conclude that in some foods, the level of phosphorus which was 9 times more than the normal, was high enough to damage the kidneys in just a few weeks.

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