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I Love Veterinary is excited to announce its partnership with VetCheck
We are proud to be partnering up with an inspiring project like VetCheck that helps not only Veterinary Professionals, but pet owners too. We can’t wait for you to soak in all that this partnership has to offer!

What is VetCheck?

At VetCheck our mission is to improve the quality of pet healthcare by providing online client communication resources to the entire vet community. Starting in 2015, VetCheck was developed to improve the accessibility of trusted pet health information to enhance the human-animal bond. The VetCheck veterinary communication and marketing platform makes life easier for veterinary teams with access to over 1400 visual client communication templates, pre-treatment information sheets, digital discharge instructions and home care compliance videos to support their recommendations, improve client compliance and better pet health outcomes.

They work tirelessly to provide excellent service, and to create an environment that encourages the delivery of high quality veterinary care.

Read the Interview with Dr. Amanda Chin, the Co-Founder of VetCheck.

vetcheck and i love veterinary partnership

Partnership between VetCheck and I Love Veterinary

With this partnership with VetCheck, their members not only receive professional veterinary client communication help, but also gain access to special offers from our I Love Veterinary store. Members of VetCheck will receive a 15% off discount code that can be used store wide on our website. If you are familiar with our community, you know that we offer an incredible variety of veterinary related gifts. Whether you are searching for a gift for yourself or your colleagues, our store has a gift for everyone! Access to all I Love Veterinary benefits can be found in the member’s dashboard, and will also be informed by email and social media.

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