Recently, the feed-through fly control system has become more and more popular among farmers across the world. This system can be a valuable component in the fight against flies if it is not being misused. That is why it is most important for us to understand the science behind the technology of these products in order to fully maximize their efficacy.

The common thing in all these systems is that they do not have a direct effect on the animals, but they have the effect in their manure. While eaten, these products move through the digestive system of the said animal unchanged, and they deposit in its feces. And this is where these products fight the flies. All these products, fall into 2 general categories: IGR (insect growth regulators), or larvicides.

The insect growth regulators interfere with the normal physical development of the fly and in that way, they inhibit the development of the larvae from one stage to the other.

The larvicides, in contrast, make structural changes in the fly’s DNA that lead to its death before it’s even able to reproduce.

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