Feeling Alive With Happy Cat Month This September

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What Signifies a Happy Cat? 

Annually, in September, the Catalyst Council and partners sponsor Happy Cat Month to educate and inform cat owners about what they can do to keep their felines happy and healthy.

Kneading their paws into their bed, blanket, or tummy showing and purring indicates that a cat is content. A happy cat will use its litter box and is typically more understanding if it isn’t well maintained.

Cat with green eyes lying on a couch, being petted by its owner

The History of Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month is a unique awareness holiday that celebrates one of the most loving pets known to man – that’s right, cats. These magnificent yet uncomplicated creatures have been sharing the world with humans for nearly the same time as dogs have. They have also been fulfilling tasks that are just as significant. 

They have brought so much joy into our lives, from the cuddly companionship they provide to their vigilant protection. 

The Catalyst Council came up with the novel concept of commemorating Happy Cat Month to contribute to the dissemination of education and awareness about the importance of our animal companions’ health, welfare, and overall well-being. 

Following the convergence of two distinct initiatives, the Catalyst Summit and the Re-Branding Felix project, the Catalyst Council came into existence. In addition to focusing on the well-being of animals, the formation of this nonprofit organization prioritized the provision of veterinary care and refuge for animals.

Since the establishment of the Catalyst Council, these individuals have been striving to promote the image of cats as loving and affectionate, as well as having the same requirements for human care as any other type of pet.

Despite all this, a common myth is that cats are extremely independent and do not require the intensely possessive and affectionate petting typical dogs. The fact is that cats are extremely friendly creatures, and as such, they demand the same kind of care and attention that we give to our dogs as we do to our cats. 

Consequently, because it is Happy Cat Month, you should take the time to ensure that your feline companion, be it a small housecat or a larger cat of a different species, is in the best possible mood.

How to Celebrate Happy Cat Month

Don’t Keep it to Yourself

Spreading awareness and educating others about the health and welfare of cats is the greatest way to celebrate Happy Cat Month. If you want to participate in the festivities, you should do so. Have a conversation with your loved ones and let them know the news.

Visit the Vet

Make a trip to the veterinarian for a checkup on your cat, and double-check that all of its cat vaccines are up to date. While there, don’t forget to inquire about prophylactic treatments for cat fleas, ticks, mites, and feline worm medication from your veterinarian.

Spend Time With Your Pet Cat

Cats are social creatures, even though they may not appear that way at first glance. They want and adore the attention of humans, and they cannot spend enough time with them. Therefore, make it a point to play and interact with your cat whenever you can.

Tips on Making a Cat Happy This Happy Cat Month

You probably already know this, but if you own a cat, you know cats are generally curious, charming, and low-maintenance pets. The following is a list of the top ten things that will make your cat happy:

Invest in an Appealing Cat Scratching Post

Even if the only thing that could harm them is the vacuum sweeper, cats still enjoy filing their claws. This is why cats enjoy scratching and nibbling at objects such as your couch, leather loafers, carpet, and other household items. Treating them to a premium cat scratching post will allow you to satisfactorily answer their inquiry, “What can I scratch without making you scream?”

Maintain the Proper Grooming of Your Cat

Cats enjoy grooming and cleaning themselves, but vomiting up hairballs is not one of their favorite activities. Brushing your cat regularly will make life easier for both of you. The additional focus and quality time spent together that the two of you will have simply a bonus.

Give Your Cat Some Delicious Treats

Cat Treats of all kinds are fun for your cat. If you want to show your cat some appreciation, buy them a new treat that is nutritious but also tasty and low in calories.

grey and white striped cat being fed a cat treat

Purchase Some New Toys for Your Cat

Cats enjoy playing with their cat toys, which are typically not particularly expensive and come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Your cat will stay youthful, intelligent, and healthy if you play with them using toys because they are mentally and physically stimulating.

Make Sure the Water Bowl for Your Cat is Clean

The consumption of water is vital to the maintenance of your cat’s health and happiness. Because cats are naturally curious and gregarious, you can turn your cat’s time spent drinking from the feline water bowl into an interesting activity by purchasing a fountain that gurgles and pours water into the bowl. 

There is a wide variety of choices accessible at many different pricing points.

Upgrade Your Cat’s Litter Box

Suppose you spend a little more money on a litter box that cleans itself. In that case, you can permanently spare your cat the humiliation of using a dirty litter box. This is a purchase that could be beneficial to you as well. It’s also important to use cat litter that clumps.

Spend Some Extra Time Cuddling Together

Plan on spending a little bit of additional time sitting and unwinding since, in the opinion of most felines, there is no time like lap time. Make a plan to relax and start reading the book you’ve been meaning to get started on or use the time you normally spend snuggling to give yourself an extra thorough brushing.

Plant a Patch of Cat Grass

Because cats have a natural urge to eat grass, you may witness your cat attempting to nibble on the leaves of your favorite fichus plant or the petals of freshly cut flowers. If this happens to you, do not worry. They benefit in various ways from the grass fibers, including improved digestion. 

It is quite simple to cultivate cat grass both indoors and outdoors, and it is a delectable treat for kitties. In addition, cat grass is a delicious treat for indoor house plants, most of which are harmful to animals.

Treat Your Cat to Catnip

Catnip is a herb from the mint family and has a stimulating influence on the behavior of cats. It is not the same thing as cat grass. A small amount of catnip can help make playtime more enjoyable for your cat; nevertheless, you should exercise caution when it comes to catnip because not all cats will respond positively to its influence.

Purchase a New Bed for Your Cat

Your cat usually spends most of its waking hours each day napping, so surprising it with a brand-new bed is the ideal way to reward it. You can purchase something that is either extremely fluffy or has a lot of covers, giving your cat the impression that it is dozing off in its private cavern, a true delicacy for all kitties.

Treating your cat once in a while with something as simple as an extra pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears is a kind gesture. Still, you can make your cat feel special in many other ways. One method to do this is to ensure that you provide your cat with natural cat food that supports felines’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being throughout their lives.

What Not to Do to Felines

Even the most devoted pet parent can become lax and take Kitty’s existence for granted if there is more than one cat in the house. Even the smallest error can significantly affect your cat’s health and quality of life. The following list of eight things you must never do to your favorite cat.

Skip Flea Treatment

Your cat stays in the house and has little or no interactions with other animals. Why bother giving an indoor cat a flea treatment if it doesn’t go outside? Fleas and ticks can easily enter your home. If you go to a friend with a dog and return to your house, you might bring fleas. 

If you go trekking in the woods and then return home, you might bring a tick. Because there are so many solutions on the market now, it is simpler than ever to rid your cat of fleas and ticks. If your cat swallows a flea, it risks becoming infected with a health-compromising tapeworm that can remain dormant in its small intestine for years.

Allow Your Cat to Spend Time Outside Unattended

Do you believe your cat secretly wishes it could go off and discover the wonders of spring on its own? It’s not like it ever gets lost because it is familiar with the area where it lives, right? Wrong. 

The wide outdoors may elicit various responses from your normally indoor cat, including confusion, fear, and curiosity. When it sees an unfamiliar dog, it can run out into traffic or crouch behind a bush. When you take Kitty outside, ensure it is well restrained and soothed by your presence. This will provide both of you with a sense of calm.

Leave Windows Open

Even windows with screens might be dangerous for naturally inquisitive cats. Your calm tabby might get attraction by the appearance of a robin accidentally knocking over that screen, sending it tumbling to the floor below. If you are at work when the incident takes place, it may be several hours before you discover that your cat has injuries or that it is missing. 

When you can’t be there to keep an eye on kitty, it’s best to invest in some solid double screens and reduce the size of any window openings to no more than an inch.

An outdoor catio will also provide a safe place you can adorn with many enrichment toys and decor.

outdoor catio setup

Put Off Vet Visits

It looks like your pet is doing well. It maintains a healthy diet, appears in good shape, and has no increase in its level of physical activity. Cats, however, are susceptible to the same kinds of subtle health changes that the rest of us are, from differences in their vision to changes in their kidneys. 

Cats are experts at disguising their ailments and making up for deficiencies in other areas of their lives. A routine checkup at the veterinarian can identify the beginning of any health troubles and allow for treating any small problems. 

A veterinarian at the Little Seneca Animal Hospital in Germantown, Maryland, named Dr. Brad LeVora, stated that “at the absolute least, you’ll have a baseline for comparison if any abnormalities arise up.” Because of the documented history of the cat’s health, there should be fewer unexpected outcomes.

Hold Your Cat On Your Lap While Driving

Most cats detest transportation and resist confinement in their carriers; however, an unrestrained cat placed inside a moving vehicle can turn into a fearful, furry missile. A cat that you contain causes a distraction for the driver, who also runs the risk of the cat getting hurt or escaping. 

You’re headed straight for trouble if your cat gets loose and starts ping-ponging about the car while driving. Prepare for a risk-free journey by transporting your cat in a safe and secure carrier.

Cat sleeping in its owners lap

Toss Your Cat Off the Counter

It might be frustrating when a curious tabby pokes its nose into the roasted chicken that is cooling on the countertop, but that does not mean it deserves treatment like a feline Frisbee. 

Grabbing and throwing one’s cat out of frustration can cause physical and emotional injury to the animal. 

Always handle your cat with care and gentleness, and it will respond to your commands and instructions. There are many ways how to keep a cat off the counter that isn’t harmful.

Forget to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Your cat’s reluctance to open wide has led you to believe that dental-health treats are sufficient to protect Kitty’s smile. Cats do not like it when other people touch their beautiful pearly whites, and this has led you to believe that dental-health treats are sufficient. 

However, a buildup of plaque, which food particles and saliva cause, can eventually harden into tartar, resulting in teeth loss in the future. Having your cat’s teeth cleaned by a professional can be expensive. Therefore, it is best to perform this task at home daily, or at least a few times each week, to maintain the health of your cat’s gums and teeth.

Ignore Those Hairballs

Cats clean themselves by raking their tongues through their fur and skin, which results in their tongues being constantly active. You probably sigh with frustration whenever they cough up a hairball because that’s how cats are, right? Then you clean up the mess they make. 

But giving your cat a helping hand with its cat hairballs will significantly reduce the amount of hair it swallows, which means it will vomit less. It’s not fun for cats to cough up hairballs, and it’s not fun for us to clean up after them when they land on the living room carpet.

Five Lesser–Known Facts About Cats

  • Cats can’t taste sweetness: A cat is the only mammal that cannot detect sweet flavors.
  • Cats are superior to us in every way.: The cat’s vision, both in the periphery and at night, is ideal to that of a person.
  • They have a long jumping ability: Did you know that cats can make leaps up to six times their length?
  • A unique organ is only in cats: Because they have different organs, cats can detect odors in the air.
  • They also have whiskers on other parts of their bodies: Whiskers are behind the front legs of felines.
up close image of whiskers on a black and white cat

Why You Should Love Happy Cat Month

This Day is Necessary for Us!

September is “Happy Cat Month,” and its purpose is to bring attention to the well-being of cats on par with that of humans. This day is about recognizing the importance of having a human partner for your cat.

Healthy Mean Happy

We can reach a consensus on whether a healthy cat is happy. By recognizing September as Happy Cat Month, we are giving other people who own cats the opportunity to get inspiration to better care for their pets.

It Motivates You to Bond with Your Cat

You probably already know this, but you can teach your cat to shake its head, sit when told to, jump from stools, and even jump through hoops. Increase your time with your cat, and you will like it.

Happy Cat Month Concluded

They are cute, they infiltrate our lives, and they take the entire command of us, and we serve them as willing slaves despite all of these negative qualities. These canines’ close relatives have shared the world with humans for nearly the same time and performed similarly vital functions.

Happy Cat Month is a time to celebrate all the good things cats have brought into our lives, from companionship to controlling pests. It is also a time to reflect on what we can do to ensure that our cats are as content as possible in our care. Let us celebrate our loving pets!

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