Although artificial insemination is not new to us, these adorable faces are the first lion cubs conceived with artificial insemination. The cubs were born August 25th and are names, Isabel and Victor. They are happy and healthy.

First lion cubs conceived with artificial inseminationThis artificial insemination was not a conservative one but had a rather modified approach. After the standard collection of semen from a male lion, the research team collected blood samples from the females of the group so they can test their hormone levels and see which ones are eligible for insemination. They modified the old approach that required removing the females from their environment for the insemination, and instead, they trained them to rest still next to the fence during the process of insemination.

This successful artificial insemination might be the salvation of this species and many more. Something to think about, wild lion population dropped 43% in the last 20 years. If this approach for artificial insemination is used on many more species of wild cats, that can mean survival of these species.

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