Florida veterinarian raves about Drillcover PRO for orthopedic surgeries

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Arbutus Medical released the DrillCover PRO orthopedic drill technology last fall, and veterinarians across the United States are finding out how fantastic a tool it is. Dr. Eric Wilkening is a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) at Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center performs a variety of orthopedic procedures and recently purchased the DrillCover PRO.

“The Arbutus Medical cannulated drill is all around a fantastic tool,” says Wilkening. “I have used several other orthopedic drills and this tool is by far the best one of them all. Not only is it affordable, it is also very well made and reliable.” 

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Launched in the fall of 2018, the DrillCover PRO is Arbutus Medical’s latest innovation in its suite of affordable orthopedic surgery tools. This drill offers advanced orthopedic functionality for human and veterinary surgeons alike, including reaming and cannulation. The modular design allows the system to grow with a surgeon’s growing needs and skill set.

“The cannulated drill attachment is very well made and has worked flawlessly for placing IM pins, building external fixators and bone plating,” says Wilkening. “The machine work is excellent and the adapter indexes to the protective sleeve very easily.”

The DrillCover PRO System is a durable hardware drill that is fully sealed by the DrillCover PRO linen making it a 100% sterile, battery-powered orthopedic drill at an affordable price. This modular system allows veterinarians to choose the different components based on the types of procedures they perform most. Over time when additional procedures are being performed, other attachments can be purchased.

“The drill and the customized cover/sleeve interface work very well,” adds Wilkening. “I’ve used the same drill in my shop and my house for years. This drill takes abuse very well and should last a very long time. In the time it takes to prep a large dog for surgery, a battery can be charged. It was very nice to have two batteries included with the package.” 

The sleeve is made from waterproof textile with fully-taped seams providing a pathogen-barrier. Wilkening said that it’s easy to stretch around the entire tool and any wrinkles in the sleeve can be tucked in, increasing the tactile feel when operating the drill.

“The sleeve can be sterilized seventy-five times before replacing,” notes Wilkening. “I’d anticipate getting about one year of use from it. Another added bonus is a standard autoclave can be used. No more using another hospital’s gas autoclave or waiting days for ours to cycle.”

Arbutus Medical makes surgical tools to break down barriers to safe. Using patented DrillCover technology, Arbutus Medical provides safe, reliable, high quality and affordable surgical tools. Their power tool systems have been used to treat over 21,000 animal patients and 36,000 human patients in 32 countries. The tools feature a reusable liquid and pathogen proof fabric cover that fully envelopes a robust, powerful and affordable hardware tool creating the perfect orthopaedic solution for the cost-conscious veterinarian.   

“Altogether this drill has been a great investment for our hospital,” says Wilkening. “The ease of use, maintenance and reliability has made orthopedic surgery pleasurable again. The craftsmanship and design put into this tool really shows. I’ll never again have a two-hour workout using hand tools. I’ve also gained much more confidence performing orthopedic surgeries on smaller breeds of dogs with this tool in my hands. 

“I would strongly urge any veterinarian considering adding orthopedic services, or expanding an existing service, to consider this amazing drill.”

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