Foxtail and Dogs

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Foxtail and dogs is every dog owner fear during the Summer.
Foxtail seeds are a type of grass that is predominantly present during the Summer, and it is especially dangerous in the late Summer months when it becomes dry.
Why is foxtail so dangerous for our pets, especially dogs?
Foxtail seeds have a special and unique design that allows them to be sneaky and to dig their way in into virtually every part of the pet’s body. Dogs are especially at risk because they tend to have their fun roaming in tall grass and always “hunting” for the invisible prey.
Once the foxtail get contact with the skin, especially dangerous for dogs with long coats because it’s hard to notice, they make a small hole through which they go just forward and there is no way back. Because of that, the dog gets to scratch and lick the area (paws or belly), shake the head (if it goes inside the ear), or have reverse sneezing (if it’s inside the nose).
It is very important to avoid areas with tall and dry grass in order to protect your dog.
After every walk, check the paws, ears and armpits very carefully for possible seeds.
If you notice anything unusual with your dog, contact your veterinarian ASAP.


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