The Woodhaven Animal Hospital in collaboration with Sechrist Veterinary Health in Woodhaven, Michigan, installed the first veterinary optimized hyperbaric oxygen chamber that will offer free hyperbaric therapy for pets that have suffered from smoke inhalation.

The Woodhaven Animal Hospital will offer free hyperbaric oxygen therapy for pets, dogs, and cats mostly, that have suffered from smoke inhalation and burns due to house fires.

Free Hyperbaric Therapy for PetsThe hyperbaric oxygen therapy is best in these situations because it promotes the formation of new blood vessels, heals the burns much faster, increases the amount of oxygen delivered throughout the body and in general makes the pet recover much faster.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in veterinary medicine is still in the beginnings, but several case studies have shown that this therapy has huge success and that has led to an increase in its use.

This kind of therapy will include faster healing of the tissues from crush injuries, the reduction of swelling from infections, and elimination of toxins and reduced effects of the toxins in cases of snake bites and similar.

The Woodhaven Animal Hospital is very proud to be one of the veterinary hospitals that can offer this type of services and hopes that this will help save many animals and make their owners very happy.

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