puppy Zoetis, the largest global animal health company, has awarded 200 000 dollars in grants to three teams of scientist for research on heartworm. These research projects aim to understand the basics, the fundamentals of heartworm and to invent novel interventions to prevent it.



The research teams granted with the funds are the teams of:

  • Sean Foster, Ph.D. university biology professor, from Ontario.
  • Guilherme G. Verocai, DVM, director of the parasitology lab at the College of Veterinary Medicine, in Georgia
  • Mostafa Zamanian, Ph.D. from the Pathobiological department at the School of Veterinary Medicine, in Wisconsin.

Heartworm disease is a horrendous illness that affects dogs and cats and is potentially fatal if not treated on time. There are preventative medications on the market, but nothing is 100%. This research could shine a light on better preventative care and more successful treatments of this parasitic disease in the future. Heartworm resistance is real, and novel medicine is inevitable.

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