Today we have a video by our lovely Victoria with some tips and tricks about how to handle stressed & aggressive cats at the vet clinic. Most of the cats do not have fun and pleasant experience when they go to the veterinary clinic for an examination or a surgical procedure, and not even when there something so routine and painless like nail trims.

There are ways to minimize the stress that the cat will experience that is good to know for pet owners and other veterinary professionals as well. In this video, Victoria talks about the things she learned on the job about the most common cat behavior when in “vet exam” situation and she shares with us what works best for cats.

“I get a lot of request on how to handle stressed/aggressive cats at the vet or at home. I am a BIG believer in #fearfree medicine and practice makes perfect! Hopefully, everyone learned something from this video. Whether you work in #veterinarymedicine or you are a pet owner. Hope you enjoyed! – Victoria Birch, a veterinary nurse.”



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