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Leg amputation on a kitten – Veterinary Surgery Video

What kind of procedure is amputation?

Amputation in domestic animals is a surgical procedure performed by a licensed veterinarian in order to remove a limb that is no longer viable or there is no chance of saving it due to irreparable damage by an accident, disease or cancer.
Before every surgical procedure, the veterinarian performs several analysis to determine if the animal is in a condition to undergo anesthesia for the surgery. These analyses include bloodwork, biochemistry profile, and urinalysis. If the animal is under infection, the surgery will be postponed until the patient is stable.

Amputation in cats is performed often. Cats are animals that recover amazingly from these types of surgeries and adapt quite well on 3 legs. Veterinarians opt for amputation whit cats because they do not adapt well with prosthetics like dogs.
After surgery, they require hospitalization for a few days until they are stable enough to go home. Most cats start walking and running on 3 legs even after 24-48 hours after surgery.

Cats are animals that are very resilient but sometimes they get themselves in situations that can get them in grave danger. Many times we hear that a cat has fallen from the fifth floor, or that has been hit by a car. These accidents almost always result in broken legs. Sometimes these fractures are so severe they are beyond repair and require amputation.
If you live in an apartment building and your cat likes to sit on the window install nets on the window frame to protect your cat from falling. If you live in a house and your cat is indoor/outdoor make sure it cannot live the garden and get to the street.


In the video below you can watch a surgical leg amputation on a kitten.

“This little guy got his leg twisted up in clothesline. We tried to save it but he lost circulation. We had to amputate his leg to save his life. It goes without saying that these videos are intended for educational purposes, and these surgeries should only be performed by veterinary professionals.”



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