I Love Veterinary & NAVTA for Vet Tech Appreciation Week

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Last week we celebrated Vet Tech Appreciation Week and we had fun 🙂
The team of I Love Veterinary and the lovely people from NAVTA decided to do a gift card giveaway for this occasion. We asked the members of the vet tech community for their reasons to become a veterinary technician and we got some great answers.

Many of you were inspired by their childhood canine companions that showed you how to truly love and care for animals; many of you did summer volunteering at a veterinary clinic in high school and got inspired; some of you got their focus on veterinary medicine by an ill event with their own pet and decided that their true calling is to help as many others as they can; and so on.

We are all in this field for the love for animals that we have. We all decided to dedicate our lives to be there when sick dogs and cats need us. We decided to spend all our free time rescuing animals and to never have a proper lunch break. But it is all worth it, because we care and at the end of the day our patients know that.

Here are some of our favorite stories 🙂

Read the rest of the stories on “Why I became a vet tech” on NAVTA’s facebook post.

If you want to learn more about this celebratory week, read “Vet Tech Appreciation Week” on our blog.

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