dog, border collie, merle, pantingThe most common pain-killer that can be found in almost every household, ibuprofen, is highly toxic to dogs. Dogs, as we know them, are very curious animals. Just like children, their first instinct with an unfamiliar object is to put it in their mouth. This is why it is very important to keep all medication, human and animal, out of reach of dogs.

As the following story goes, while the owners are not watching, dogs can get in serious trouble.

Sasha is a Border Collie that decided to break into the medicine stash of her owners while they were out of the house. She managed to swallow 22 ibuprofen pills of a maximum strength.

She was found almost unconscious and rushed to the nearest veterinary clinic.

The veterinarian at the clinic, with 22 years of experience, said that this was the worst case of ibuprofen toxicity in his career where they managed to save the patient despite the awful values her kidneys were showing.

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